Answering kids' questions during COVID

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21 days ago
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Source: Times of India

Kids are eminent observers and they observe almost everything happening around them in a pretty good way. Their world is getting shifted and limited to just their homes, face masks on every face as a compulsion, sanitising hands again and again. Additionally, everything is shifted online and they are observing these things. Now, having questions about COVID-19 in those little minds is predetermined. 

Therefore, here are some answers to those questions of your kid.

Will grandpa and grandma fall sick?
If your kid has observed that older people are getting sick with COVID then, they might ask you this question. You need to be honest and tell them that you and they will take proper care of them. So that they don't fall sick.

Are my parents going to get sick?
Honestly explain your kid that you will follow all the precautions to ensure safety from COVID. 

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Will we stay at home forever?
Explain that COVID spreads with contact. Therefore, to stop it. We need to stay at home. People are working outside to fight with it.

Why wash hands again and again?
To ensure hygiene and safety from COVID.

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