7 ideas for a fun indoor weekend with kids

Tanmay Tandon
2 months ago
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7 ideas for a fun indoor weekend with kids

Source: The Indian Express

Family is identical with steadiness. It brings meaning, support, and an environment of love regardless of the time or circumstances. The pandemic has only paved its worth.In pre-Covid times, people were occupied with their work, their individual benefits and daily activities and often complained about having no time to spend with their loved ones. Today, those who are lucky enough, have a profusion. With schools closed and work-from-home a norm, parents are stressed under the pressure of meeting both their occupational and domestic expectations.

Managing limits and monitoring homeschooling while running households and keeping the family safe has become an unparalleled juggling act for parents across the nation.

To make the most of the opportunity, to reinforce bonds and build positive memories during these challenging times, here are some easy to manage productive activities for you and your children to do together.

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