Parenting Connection: What to do when your child starts lying

Tanmay Tandon
5 days ago
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Parenting Connection: What to do when your child starts lying


Child experts at Michigan State University’s Extension office say children lie for many reasons, but most of the time they’re selecting to not tell the truth on purpose. Reasons include they’re afraid of getting into problems, they’re worried that someone will get mad at them, or they simply don’t want mom and dad to know what they just did.

Child experts say the vast majority of young kids lie, so it’s how parents handle the lie that’ll affect how their kids deal with it and behave as they get older. Here are a few techniques to help your child learn about lying, to also lessen the chances they do it:

*Explain what lying is, tell them how you feel about it, and be ready to talk about why you feel that way.

*Discuss the different types of lies with your child. Hurtful lies are different from fibs people may use to be polite or exaggerations others use when telling a story. Make sure they know the difference and what you think is ok.

*Avoid labeling your child as a liar. Doing so can make them feel bad about themselves instead of them learning how to stop lying.

*Tell the truth yourself. Your child will learn a lot about being honest and telling lies by watching what you do and say.

*Praise and acknowledge your child every time they tell the truth.
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