5 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Kids!

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19 days ago
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Source: The Times of India

Parents need to deal with a lot of things along with their children. The stress of household chores, work pressure, and other things might lead to losing your cool on the kids and so you tend to say certain things which might affect the child negatively.

1.    "Please leave me alone"- you might require me-time or are worked up, in such a situation kids might feel you are pushing them away. Instead, try to make them understand politely that you are busy and will listen to them in some time.

2.    “When I was of your age, I could do all that”- comparing them to your younger self isn’t correct as every individual develops at a different pace. Value their efforts to motivate them.

3.    “Why aren’t you like your friend or siblings?”- comparison with other children gives rise to unhealthy competition. Such statements question their individuality so instead encourage them to do better than themselves.

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4.    "Make it fast" or "hurry up"- a lot of children are slow when under time constraint and shouting will stress them up. To speed them up try through games like "let's see who does this first".

5.    “Don’t cry”- telling your kids to stop crying will give them a feeling that they should not show their emotions and will lead to outbursts. Teach them that it is okay to cry if they feel so.

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