5 signs that can help you to identify mental health issues in your child

Riya Sree Kaishyap
18 days ago
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Source: Times of India

Mental health issues aren’t destined to occur in adults alone. Most of the time, and due to various reasons, kids might also suffer from mental health issues. Being so young, it is almost impossible to identify that they are being impacted mentally. But here are a few common signs that can help us to identify mental health issues in kids.

  • Experiencing excess nightmares can hint at anxiety and fear of something in the child.
  • Suffering from muscle tensions like headaches and stomachaches quite often can also be a sign of anxiety in children.
  • Frequent bouts of aggression and disobedience also hint at the fact that something’s troubling the child.
  • A decline in academic performance and even a change in behaviour in school can have some underlying mental distress.
  • A loss of appetite and even a sudden loss of weight might be a sign of depression in children.

So pay attention to your child. Try to communicate with them and offer an appropriate solution to whatever’s troubling your child.

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