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Preparing your child for Nursery admission is the first step towards making them ready for their entire journey of procuring quality education. Today the competition is at its peak and it has become a big deal to get your kids admitted into the best schools. It takes a lot of efforts to prepare your tiny tot to ace the nursery admission interview and knowing that your child really needs to prove his/ her acumen at this stage, we are sharing a few important tips on how to prepare your kids for nursery admission.
First and foremost, make sure to get all the details about the school you are going to apply for and gather all the information and topics on which you need to concentrate.
1.    First of all, talk to your child and make them understand that it is a pretty big deal and they really need to concentrate on whatever you are asking them to do, but never ever try to pressurize the kid.
2.    Probably the most important thing paid attention in a nursery admission interview is the kid’s basic etiquettes and the way they respond to basic questions about themselves. For this, teach your kids how to spell his/ her name, their parent’s name and also teach them when and how to greet people. Saying “Thank you” and “Sorry” are some of the basic things to be taught.
3.    However, do not turn your living room into a classroom by being strict or repulsive with your kid. Start the session with normal conversation and slowly talk about informative things that may help them in the process of admission.

4.    Basic knowledge about primary colours, name of animals, plants, birds, the national flag and so on, everything should be introduced to your kid. To stay a step ahead in the interview, teach them how to write some of the Basic English alphabets. Try to teach them about the importance of sharing. “Sharing” is one of those basic yet important factors that will surely help in carving a great personality for your child as he/she grows up.
5.    Your child should also be able to talk about his/her basic needs like your child should be potty trained and able to communicate when he/she is feeling thirsty or hungry or feeling cold or hot. In case of some health issue, he/she should be able to communicate about the problem.
6.    Obedience is yet another quality which children must learn before they take nursery admission. Till now, your kid is confined to his/ her family and may sometimes also show their stubborn side. But this has to be tackled well before sending them to school. Teach them about the importance of good and obedient behaviour.
It is rightly said that children learn everything from their parents and only you can help your child in leaving a good impression on the interviewer. Keep these simple tips in mind and see your child crack every nursery admission interview.

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