Why a positive outlook is important for kids to have

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Sidharth Kavadia
2 years ago

We hear a lot about the need to think positive these days. So, in this article, we will see what exactly is meant by positive thinking and why it is important. 

What is positive thinking? 

Positive thinking is a mental attitude which allows you to look at situations in a constructive way. In kids as well as adults, a positive attitude needs to be nurtured constantly. It can act as a powerful coping mechanism and builds resilience in the mind. When faced with a difficult situation, it helps the mind look at it in a solution-based approach, rather than getting bogged down by the problem itself. 

Negative feelings 

Having a positive attitude towards life situations in extremely important. It makes one more resilient and helps come up with constructive solutions. 

Having said that, are negative feelings really bad? Well, there are no ‘bad emotions’ really. All thoughts and feelings are valid. The pressure to think positively and be happy always makes happiness into a burdensome duty. It also alienates us from our emotions and isn’t really healthy. Avoiding an emotion and trying to be outwardly happy can be one of the main causes of psychological problems. 

Hence, kids should not be pressurized into thinking positive. They should not be taught to avoid negative emotions. 

So what to do instead? 

Teach them to accept negative emotions and process them in a healthier way. Encourage positive thinking and affirmations by building it as a habit. The brain can be trained to become emotionally resilient and to respond to situations in a positive manner. This will lead to positive outcomes and increased confidence in children to handle situations independently. 

How do we do this? Honestly, the ability to handle a situation positively doesn’t come when faced with one. Instead, it requires us to practice mental exercises on a daily basis that help us respond in a calm and positive way. The foundation is laid in these daily practices so that when actually faced with a tough situation, the mind is trained to handle it well. 

In the next article, we will see what practices you can incorporate in your activities with children, to help them develop a positive outlook towards life. 

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