What social skills your child should know before going to college?

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Social skills that your child should know

College means a brand new area of development for children. After spending over 10 years in an extremely restricted school environment, children will be able to discover a new sphere of education where they will have to make a lot of decisions on their own. Children going off to college can be quite a difficult milestone for parents and children alike. For children, it means having a little less parental supervision and help. For parents, it means that their child has grown up and is ready to become more responsible. 

College can be a fun and happy place for students if they can make an identity for themselves. College requires a child to make more effort in coordinating with professors, engaging with friends, and taking care of themselves. All in all, it increases their responsibilities and requires them to develop their social skills and expand their social circle. 


Here are some social skills that will help your child have a better experience in college:-



Communication skills are extremely important for students and children who will be joining college. In college, they will not have teachers to help them form friendships. Professors in college won't have the time to make sure all students are up to date with their work. The working of school and college is quite different. Hence, a child needs to have proper communication skills so that they can voice their problems to their professors and teachers. They also need to take an initiative to form new friendships to help them expand their social circle in college.



Respect for others is another important social skill for children. Children are taught and expected to respect people from a very young age. When they get older, it is expected from them even more. Children who will step into college will have to keep in mind that they need to be respectful towards everyone. They need to respect people's opinions, wishes, personal space, talents, and so on. Mutual respect for one another will help children develop social relationships and make them better human beings.


Politeness and Humility

Sometimes, children belonging to this age group can become entitled and nonchalant towards good behaviour. Children need to learn that treating people with kindness will make them better persons. Politeness and humility in children will always make other children of their age group want to develop friendly relations with them. It makes them approachable and agreeable to mix with.


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Empathy is an extremely important social skill for all age groups. Empathising with people around you can be a valuable trait in your personality. Empathy brings people together and helps them open about their problems and trouble. A child who emphasises with others will gain a lot of respect in life. When students show empathy they come off as more reliable and this helps them form better relations with others.


Sharing and Helping Others 


Sharing is that one social skill which is required both in school and college. The value of sharing is extremely appreciated by people. It shows that a person is selfless and generous. It also helps develop humility in students. Sharing with friends and family helps children have a good image for themselves. Be it food, notes, materialistic things, help, cooperation and so on, sharing and extending a helping hand will make them respected and favoured by people. It will in turn also get them help when they are in need.


Conflict Resolution


Children are given more responsibilities when they go off to college, especially when they are far away from home. Children need to have good knowledge of conflict resolution to make them competent in dealing with their problems. Reacting to problems and tricky situations with anger, rage and resignation will not help them in any way. Running to elders or guardians may not be an option at all times. Hence, they need to be able to know how to solve their problems so that they can become more responsible and dependable.

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