What are the effects of social media on young minds?

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8 months ago
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Science has given us tremendous gifts that have made our lives easier, happier, and more developed than before. The mobile phone is one of them. It has made our lives so much easier. It has given us infinite uses but today it is more like a fashion object

Science has given us tremendous gifts that have made our lives easier, happier, and more developed than before. The mobile phone is one of them. It has made our lives so much easier. It has given us infinite uses but today it is more like a fashion object with users decorating and customizing it to reflect their personality. People have made mobile phones into status symbols instead of a necessity, especially young boys and girls.

Similarly today, social media is becoming the addiction of every second person at a glaring speed. No doubt there are uncountable uses of social media like connecting with people, companies promoting products and services, blogging, promoting business, etc. but for teenagers nowadays, it is a disaster. It is not unusual to find children and social media glued together for hours without realizing how much time has been wasted.

Social media has benefited children in so many ways as it offers a platform for youngsters to connect with others who share similar interests, help them pick up necessary technical skills, motivates peer-based learning, help them explore and showcase their creativity on different social media platforms with a broader audience, help introverted youths to open up, helps one to understand the different cultures all over the world.

But at the same time, it is a bit too distracting, for kids especially.


What are the negative effects of social media on children?

negative effects of social media on kids

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, etc can be too dangerous for kids and addiction to it may result in many serious effects on children’s mental health.

So, let’s see some of the effects of social media on kids:

1.    Push away from reality: We think that communicating and making friends on digital media is safer and can increase the ability to talk but if kids are not getting enough practice relating to people and getting their needs met in person and in real-time, many of them will grow up lacking the primary means of communication i.e.talking. 

Screen relationships detract from spending time in real-life relationships and developing social skills. Because of using a mobile phone and social media all day, they will not have time for outdoor activities such as playing sports, gardening, or camping. Instead of going out to meet friends or talk to their parents, these people prefer staying at home and chatting with friends on social media. 

2.    Poor studying habits: Addiction to social media influences the studies awfully, it can change a young mind from an excellent student to a poor one. 

Poor studying habits in kids

Nowadays, the school environment has also changed, earlier students used to discuss their academics, sports techniques and many more productive things with their peers mostly, and now even when they’re in their classroom, they’re online and also at home while doing their homework (and when they are not) they’re busy in their phones, doing nothing but texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling, etc.

3.    Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, at any time of the day or night. Some many individuals and groups harass young people on digital media, especially on a platform like Instagram and Snapchat. It directly affects young people’s self-confidence, their level of self-esteem, their mental and emotional well being.

Cyberbullying in kids

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4.    Bad Health: Late night chatting, browsing, and scrolling impacts the health seriously, especially the brain because lack of proper rest and sleep may lead to fatigue and sleepy.

Addiction to social media can affect children so badly that they develop the feeling of inferiority. Children start comparing themselves with others, their lifestyle which results in low self-esteem, jealousy, and pressure, which can lead to poor mental health and can promote suicidal thoughts.


How parents can help?

How can parents help with controlling social media

Parents have the power to do anything which can change their kid’s life in every aspect. So here are some points which can be followed to build a safer environment for your kid on social media:

  1. Educate your child about the danger of oversharing on social media.
  2. Explain to them the difference between virtual life and real life.
  3. Ensure they spend limited time on social media or you may even allow them to use social media as a reward for good behaviour.
  4. Do not interfere in their personal space, give them their freedom but ensure they know you are aware of their online habits.
  5. Encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities as per their hobbies and interest.
  6. Warn them not to engage in the darker side of social networking like cyberbullying, stalking, sharing inappropriate materials, etc.
  7. Create technology-free zones in your homes such as the dinner table and technology-free times such as before bed.
  8. Collect mobile phones, tablets, and computers before bedtime.
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