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Karishma Saikia
2 years ago
Choose the best school for your child

An investment in a good educational institute in the early years can help the child to excel career-wise. The twelve years of the school serve to become the foundation of the child’s future. You must remain very vigilant while selecting a school for your child for a careless choice that might impair the academic life of your child.

It is quite a difficult task to choose the right school for your kids. There are innumerable options that are available to and this makes picking an option even tougher. In this article we, the Ezyschooling team shall guide you in selecting the best school for your child.

What type of school is the best for my child?

The school is the first step to success. It is where a child spends most of its time apart from home. It proffers endless benefits for your child.

• The right school guarantees academic excellence. They possess qualified teachers that relay concepts on several disciplines in a manner that your child can grasp easily.

• It provides the perfect environment for children to communicate with their teachers and peers and thus aid in developing socializing skills.


Healthy environment for learning


• A good school helps in building a good character. It imparts values like honesty, discipline, punctuality, etc. Through the calculation of these values, a child is expected to grow into a diligent and law-abiding citizen in the future.

• It also helps in fostering leadership qualities by encouraging students to take part in extracurricular activities. A good educational institute offers the child the platform to acquire traits of a leader. This in turn is bound to help them in days to come.

• It helps in identifying one’s potential and exploiting it. It assists in acquiring and honing skills that shall aid your child. It assists greatly in the holistic development of children.

Choosing the right school for your child - 

To select the best school for your child you need to research well, take referrals, and be proactive. You can never be over cautious as your decision is going to affect your child greatly. While the right school might now give access directly to success, it can however serve as the gateway to it.

Find the best schools near you

Hence you need to keep in mind the following factors while selecting the school for your child:

• Performance of school: Before admitting your child to a school it is important to consider its past performance. It is best to choose a school with proportional good results to those with top rankers on one hand and average performance on the other. Other criteria upon whose basis you can admit the child is a comparison of the initial results and aftermath of admitting the child to that specific school. For this purpose, you can refer to friends or any parents of any senior or ex-student. The performance of school also reflects teacher and management capacity to bring the best in the child so gathering verifiable data upon it is very important.


Performance of children


 Affordability:  Like it or not, schooling is an expensive affair. Hence you should select a school whose tuition fee you can bear since apart from admission and monthly fee you need to bear the additional cost as well. 

• Location: It is preferable to send your child to a school that is located near your home. Most parents often ship their children to boarding school without their consent. But it is best to opt for a school that is near your school premise as the child needs parental guidance and love, along with a good homely environment to cope up with academics induced stress.

• Safety: You must verify the security of the school premises. Run a background check of the school authorities, meet the teacher personally, and get the contact details of the security staff.


Safety measures in schools


• Selection of education boards: One of the toughest dilemmas that parents face is choosing the board of education. in terms of syllabi, CBSE is preferable. CBSE preaches conceptual learning so its curriculum is constructed in a nuanced and refined manner in comparison to state boards. ICSE is preferable if you want your child to study abroad. They have a fairly advanced syllabus and this significantly assists children in higher studies.

 Infrastructure: Infrastructure plays a vital role in creating an environment for the child to study. Well ventilated and spacious classrooms, a proper washroom,  a playground, a well-stocked library, and equipped laboratories are a must. The parent should see to it that such facilities are available in the school before admitting their child as many studies have certified that poor infrastructure can hamper students’ performance.




 Co-curricular activity: The purpose of co-curricular activities enhances and enriches the learning process. It makes school more fun and appealing to the child. It also provides the child to develop other skills and excel in other fields apart from academics. They are beneficial for child holistic development.

Parents everywhere on the globe are vexed by the COVID 19 pandemic which has not only impaired health, economy, and polity but has also affected learning gravely. In this time parents mustn’t lose their cool and take even more precautions in selecting a school with good sanitation facilities and student-teacher ratio. 

The Ezyschooling team has always strived to provide you with the most diligent service when it comes to parenting and a child’s upbringing.

Gurgaon school admissions can be very taxing and hence we want to assist you in your quest. The Ezyschooling team has partnered alongside UNICOSMOS to assist the parents who want their child to gain admission to Gurgaon schools. UNICOSMOS school which can be counted as one of the finest upcoming schools in Gurgaon wants to deliver the best learning experience to your children. It endeavors to provide global quality education near your premises. With refurbished infrastructure and articulate teachers, it meets almost all the above-listed criteria and factors to qualify it as the best educational institute. 

Your child is your responsibility, the manifestation of your love, longing, and dreams. We know that you provide him or her with the best education according to your capability and we are here to guide you.

In an attempt to get your child in the perfect school, we propose this virtual workshop to you on 18th October at 5 pm. Attend it so you too can leave all of your stress behind and make the right choice.

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This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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