The impact of experiential learning on the students

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The impact of experiential learning on the students

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle

Changes are a part of today’s world. We all deal with changes in our everyday lives, whether at the personal or professional level. Therefore, it is very noticeable that each generation expects change. And the impact of change is highly on children. The social environment keeps on changing, so we see the changes in the educational methods as well. 

Now, there are various approaches to teaching and learning. And one of them is Experiential learning. It is one of the fruitful processes that teachers use to teach students. So, let’s understand Experiential learning in-depth. 

What is Experiential learning?

The impact of experiential learning on the students

It is the process of learning through experience or learning by doing. It tells us about how experiences can emphasize learning. The students gain knowledge by performing tasks that create a new experience for them. The process of experiential learning involves hands-on activity as well as self-assessment. 

The benefits of experiential learning for the children

The teachers know that students learn more quickly when they perform things practically and experience something. So, here are a few benefits that children receive from this process. 

  • Self-confidence and leadership skills- Experiential learning brings self-confidence and leadership skills to the children. They perform tasks with their critical thinking skills. And execute them with their abilities. All this gives them a better understanding of the concepts and brings out self-confidence in them. 

  • Children become more creative- Teachers found experiential learning as one of the best ways to teach creative problem-solving. They let the students perform the tasks on their own that create multiple solutions to one problem. The students get more creative when they face more challenges in the process of problem-solving. The children get exposed to their uniqueness.

  • The value of mistakes- In the process of experiential learning, the students start valuing their mistakes. They learn not to fear mistakes but try to receive something positive from them. Thus, the children learn from their mistakes and develop a better conceptual understanding. 

  • A better understanding of the course material-The teacher tries to teach each method with a thorough understanding. So, they opt for practical teaching that involves experimental methods. The children learn through real-life situations and by performing tasks. Thus, they create their own experiences and develop a better understanding of course material. And the children learn with fun.

  • The guidance for the future- The learning process under experiential learning is also career-oriented. The students start developing their skills and passion by performing the tasks.

Now when it comes to choosing a school for your child that focuses on experiential learning, Siddharth International Public School, Dilshad Garden, can be a good option for your child. 

siddharth international public school dilshad garden

The school came into being in 2007. It is a senior secondary school recognized and affiliated with CBSE. The motto of the school is “Learn to Lead.” They provide a co-creating learning environment to the students with that they learn the essence of happiness, curiosity, leadership. 
The school values are- Excellence, Virtue, and Wisdom. So, they believe in nurturing their students into confident, responsible, and global citizens.

Why choose Siddharth International Public School for your child?

siddharth international public school colourful activities

  • Focus on each child- The objective of the school is to work on the development of children. They offer a positive learning environment with meaningful experiences for the students. They also focus on holistic education and develop the character of each child.

  • The teacher and student ratio- The school has a teacher and student ratio of 30:1. So, the teachers give appropriate attention to each student. And keep themselves updated with the latest information to provide efficient learning to the children. Also, they are always present to solve the problems of the students. 

  • Learning made fun- The school provides a hands-on learning experience to the students and conducts various activities. The activities include surveys, gardening, robotics, theatre, and sculpture. 

  • Smart classes- The school has well-equipped and spacious classrooms. And each classroom is equipped with smart boards. The teachers conduct interactive and enriching smart sessions daily.

  • Yoga and meditation classes- The school believes that learning happens when the mind is at peace. Therefore, they focus on providing yoga and meditation classes to the students. And with them, the children become more energetic and develop a better concentration level. 

  • Co-curricular and sports activities- The school focuses on co-curricular and sports activities as well. They conduct inter-school competitions to enhance child’s leadership skills. 

co curricular activities

The other facilities offered by the school are-     

•    Nomial-fee structure. 
•    They offer buses as a safe transport facility that has CCTVs and GPS. 
•    The school has a large playground for sports activities. 
•     They have a well-equipped library and a multi-media room. 
•    They conduct sports tournaments- Kho-Kho, Basketball, Volleyball, Football and many more.
•    The school has a music and dance room for creative activities. 
•    They have well-equipped computer labs. 
•    And they offer proper medical facilities and consider child health as their priority. 

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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