Parenting and dealing with children during Lockdown

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2 months ago
Deep Shikha on parenting and dealing children during lockdown

Being a mother is a blessing but comes with a lot of sacrifices” 

Here is what Ms. Deep Shikha Bhargava, a mother has to say about this lockdown, motherhood, and dealing with children in this period. 


Q.1 What are your thoughts and views on lockdown?

The coronavirus has imposed a very big problem for the entire world. I feel the lockdown period is a very crucial time and the only solution for this pandemic. A lot of efforts are being done to curb this menace and the best part we can do as an individual is to stay indoors. Every cloud has a silver lining and the best part about this lockdown is that I am getting a lot of time to spend time with my family, my husband, and my 2 children which is lovely. Another plus point is that nature is getting the time to heal itself, there are minimal vehicles on the road and the industries have also slowed down their work due to which the pollution has been reduced to a large extent. 


Q. What is the best thing about being a mother?

I think the word mother is an emotion, it is a blessing that comes with a lot of sacrifices. A mother sacrifices everything only for the betterment of her child. The most important thing for a mother is her child’s security be it mental, physical, or financial. As a parent, it is very important to invest emotionally in a child because eventually when you grow old, it is your kids who will stay with you and take care of you. So I think the abundant love which I receive from my kids and my family is something I really cherish and am grateful for. 


 Q. How are you utilizing your time in this quarantine?

There is certainly no time for me to get bored because I am indulged in some work or the other, be it doing all the house chores or spending time with my kids. I do a lot of indoor activities with my kids such as playing carrom, ludo, etc. 


Q.If you were granted one wish right now what would it be?

I think everybody in this world right now has only one wish, that is, the coronavirus goes away and everybody emerges from this safe and sound. World peace is something which is a challenge and I hope it gets attained soon. 


Q.Which is the most difficult task as a mother?

The most difficult task as a mother is to mould your child’s nature according to society. Teaching them how to behave properly with everyone. Kids are very demanding nowadays, they need everything, and trying to make them understand things, and the moulding an accurate mindset is a big challenge. But eventually, they tend to understand and the bond which the child shares with his/ her parents is very precious. 


Q. How is your child dealing with quarantine?

 It was quite difficult in the initial stages of lockdown because my children had a very active routine. I used to take them to park to play in the evening for 1 -2 hours but it is not possible in this lockdown, but eventually, they are adapting to this environment and I am finding alternatives to play at home only. Also, my elder son’s school has been closed and the new session has already begun. But he didn’t get the chance to buy new books, bags, and all the back to school stationery which every child longs for. So I think this is somewhat difficult for a child but again safety comes first and eventually he is adapting to the situation. 


Q. What message would you like to give to all the mothers out there?

In today’s hectic environment everybody is very busy, the working mothers tend to leave children at the babycare centers but this lockdown has provided a golden opportunity for every mother to bond with their kids. Spend quality time with your family and stay positive. 


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