How to Overcome a Learning Disability?

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago
How to Overcome a Learning Disability?


What is a learning disability?

The term - learning disability - generally refers to certain problems that can create a hurdle in the learning process. These disabilities are a result of genetic psychological disorders that can obstruct a person’s hearing, speaking, reading, listening, and understanding skills. Learning disabilities have nothing to do with intelligence or motivation to learn, it’s just that their brains are wired differently.

Some examples of learning disabilities are dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, aphasia, etc.

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If you are worried that your child might be suffering from some kind of learning disability, you can simply find out by paying close attention to your child and observing if they show the following learning disabilities symptoms.

●    Delay in developing speaking skills
●    Difficulty in focusing attention for a long interval
●    Problems in reading or spelling out words
●    Reduced pace of emotional and behavioral development
●    Unable to process or understand information

How to Overcome a Learning Disability?

Learning disorders occur as a result of complications in the brain. Hence, it can get a little difficult to overcome a learning disability. There is no complete cure for learning disorders, but early intervention can help to lessen the intensity of learning disorders. There is no specific learning disabilities treatment. But, one can be taught to overcome learning disabilities by coping with them and getting around them.

Here’s how you can help your children overcome a learning disability.

●    Embrace Yourselves: Please understand that it is not going to be an easy task. There will be ups and downs. The stress will sometimes get to you, but remember to hold on. Remember to hold on because you are trying to make your child’s world a lot better, a lot happier.

●    Stay up-to-date: Try to learn more about your child’s condition. Read books, surf the internet and keep yourself updated with all the latest information. Try getting in touch with other such parents and maybe schedule play dates for the children. Then, they will meet somebody that knows what they are going through and will not feel very different.

●    Keep the kids Motivated: Motivation and self-confidence is the key to accepting problems and growing out of them. Teach your child to have faith in themselves, to believe that they can do whatever they aspire to. Remind them of their strengths which outweigh their weaknesses.

●    Advocate for your Child: The society that we live in can be harsh. The social stigma surrounding learning disorders tag learning disorders in children with terms like lazy and dumb. So speak up for your child. Educate your child as well as others that whatever they are suffering from isn’t abnormal.

●    Dreams and Aspirations: Having special children does not mean that we can’t dream for their successful future. Many children with learning disorders have gone on to establish their names in endeavors that we never believed that they could achieve. So let your child dream.


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