Online Classes Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
Online Classes Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, educational institutions all over the world have opted for online classes. With the assistance of parents and technology, schools and colleges are trying to improve the online educational infrastructure for better learning of the students. Almost all students, even the ones who have difficulty in comprehending, understanding, and interpreting things, i.e, learning disabilities, have to cope with this mode of education.

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Students with learning disabilities face many difficulties in society and in their classrooms. Some such difficulties are:

  • They face difficulty in coping up with the syllabus and the classroom. The teaching pattern is set up usually against their way of learning which leads to them struggling with academics. Such children are usually slow in catching up on things and offline classrooms make things more difficult.
  • They are more likely to be bullied. Because their way of learning is different and not at par with other students, they are usually excluded and mistreated even by the teachers. This severely affects their mental health, making them anxious and depressed.
  • They receive a constant nudge and pressure from the teachers to perform perfectly in fields that are not even in their range of comprehension. This makes them aggressive and unmotivated.


But the online classes are somewhat a blessing for students with a learning disability. It allows them to overcome these problems. There are many advantages of online classes:

  • Even when the syllabus is not tailored to their way of learning, it gives them paramount time to understand and learn things better. They are free of a hurry to complete things. This makes them stress-free and fearless.
  • The students who had to face constant isolation and bullying no longer have to worry about coexisting with such people. They can peacefully concentrate on their studies without worrying about what the other person thinks about them.
  • Because of limited time and no human interaction, they have to no longer face the constant compulsion to perform better despite giving their best. They no longer encounter such a discouraging and frustrating attitude.

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Here are a few tips on how students with learning disabilities can subsist with online classes:

  • Making full use of the technology to reach the level of the syllabus.
  • Utilizing the free time working on their weaknesses and problems.
  • Being vocal about their issues and confronting them with their teachers and parents.
  • Avoiding any sort of negativity they face during online classes.


Surely offline classes are a necessity but online classes give students the opportunity for self-exposure. Students with learning disabilities feel a lot more comfortable during online than offline classes. The teachers and parents ultimately must be self-aware and understand the needs of the child and not compel them to do things that are not in their control. It can be concluded that online classes are a great opportunity for such students to carry on with their studies in their comfort zone.

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