New Year Resolutions for Teenagers

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New Year Resolutions

2020 has finally come to an end. Quite an eventful year it was, wasn’t it? We experienced many new things this year, some good and some bad. We acquired experiences that we never even imagined we would. And as everything seemed to be changing in 2020, so did our firm resolve with resolutions.

2020 was supposed to be a great year, possibly a deal-breaker. There was a lot of anticipation for this year and so were the goals that people thought they could finally fulfil. But, we know what was the scene after that. Months and months of isolation ensured that all our plans go down the drain.
Now, as 2020 is nearing an end we have the New Year at our doorstep. With that, we have new hopes, new aspirations and new ambitions to look forward to. The fact that most of our resolutions of the present year remained unfulfilled should not deter us from taking up new resolutions.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions for teens, there’s a lot of thinking to do. How to make New Year resolutions? What resolutions do we take up? Why should we take up a particular resolution? And a lot of similar questions flood our mind. So here we are to answer all your questions related to New Year’s resolution for youth. To answer those questions, New Year resolutions are pretty much the goals that we seek to achieve in the New Year. These can be low-key daily habits that we wish to stick to, like meditating every day or even a strong personal goal. For teenagers, resolutions are mostly the common teenage goals related to health, academics and the like. The choice of a resolution depends on what we wish to achieve and sticking onto it depends on how strong our resolve is.


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New Year resolutions, if successfully taken up during the teenage, can last long enough to culminate into a habit. Here are some examples of New Year’s resolutions for teens to take up in 2021-

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle for teenagers

One is never too young or too old to resort to a healthy lifestyle. The teens are a pretty good age to start as habits acquired during the teenage are promising enough to stick on for a long time into the future. Also, resorting to a healthy lifestyle does not imply that you go to all heights at once. Start by taking baby steps. Incorporate one healthy meal in your routine each day instead of going green altogether all of a sudden. Start with daily jogging instead of joining the gym for hardcore workouts. Make a gradual process and it will be easier to make your resolution last until the end of the year.

Academic Goals

Academic Goals

Academics are one of the major priorities for teenagers. It might seem an over-used statement but studies do have a firm hand in deciding a person’s future course in life. And although many teenagers do realize the importance of their academics, many distractions keep them apart from concentrating on their studies. But a strong resolve, topped with firm determination, always helps. Start slowly again. Make sure to take out one or two hours every day for your studies. Make changes accordingly but remember to stick to it every day, even if for a limited time.

Explore Hobbies

Explore Hobbies

Every person has a hobby to look back upon when they have nothing else to do. Hobbies are like our forever friends, they cheer us up when the day gets too tiring. Hobbies let us unwind after a long tiring day. These hobbies can sometimes transform into our passion and become an important part of ourselves. So devote time to your hobbies and passions. Explore what else you like. Keep trying new things. Because who knows, these hobbies and passions might turn out to become an important determinant of our future.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Teenage is one of the most complicated periods of one’s life. There are a lot of things going on at the same time and this result in many worries. There is the stress of academics, of changes in our bodies, of losing and gaining friendships, and a lot many. And sometimes, this stress becomes a lot to take. This might result in early anxiety or even depression. So remember to take some time out to unwind yourself, to take care of yourself. Maybe you can start by meditating once a week or even by dancing to your favourite songs. The choice is on you.


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New Year resolutions are a tough nut to crack. This might seem unbelievable, but a study by Forbes revealed that approximately 80% New Year resolutions fail. Also, many New Year resolutions never even get started. They just keep getting delayed until people forget about them. Who, ever, thought that  New Year resolution facts could be so negative?

But look at the bright side. The Forbes study also implies that a dedicated 20% of the people successfully fulfil their New Year resolutions. And it’s always better to be on the less common but more positive side than the frequent and negative one. So choose your sides now and remember to stick onto it. Because in the end, all your efforts will finally bear fruits.

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