Mother’s Day 2020: Appreciating Motherhood During The Lockdown

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Nimisha Paul
2 years ago
Mother's day special

Whether it’s standing under the sweltering sun waiting for your kindergarten school bus to drop you home, or clapping proudly from the back row of the auditorium when she sees you up on stage for your college graduation ceremony, it is your mother who always stands by your side. From showering praises during moments of triumph and guiding you during moments of helplessness, to lending a comforting shoulder to cry on during moments of grief, she has supported you all along. We should be grateful for the existence of this pillar in our lives, and learn to appreciate them from time to time. Of course, it would certainly be wrong to say that we don’t love our mothers or don’t show affection towards them, but most of us, especially when we grow up, tend to get lost amidst the hustle-bustle of our college or work life which gradually reduces the amount of quality time we manage to spent with her.

The lockdown has been imposed under tragic circumstances and has had adverse effects on the economy, education, jobs and day-to-day activities. But one silver lining is that family members are spending more time with each other since everyone is stuck at home. This makes it a perfect occasion for sons and daughters to spend time and rekindle ties with their mothers, which might have loosened in the past due to their busy lifestyle. And if you are still hesitant or need further persuasion, take some time out and observe your mother’s activities for a day. You shall notice that she runs a zillion errands every day – from collaborating with her office colleagues online to making evening snacks for you while you are dozing off in the sofa with your earplugs on. You shall also observe that she does very little for herself, for her own pleasure and the major chunk of her actions are directed towards enhancing the well being of her children and the rest of her family. She puts your well-being as a priority over her own. The least you can do is acknowledge her efforts.

How so? There is so much that you can do for her. You can lend a helping hand while she does all the household chores alone as the maids are unavailable. Ask if she needs any assistance with her office work. In case you find that too arduous, just give her some of your time instead of spending hours staring at your smartphone screen, sit down by her side and have a small conversation, or maybe call the whole family together for a board game. Anything that you do for her, even the smallest amount of effort would mean the world to her. Posting a picture with your mother on social media with the caption ‘#MothersDay’ is not love. Love is giving her your time, and standing by her side, whether she needs your help or not. Even if you don’t do that, she will always love you. That’s enough reason for you to do that.

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