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Banchika Bhawanani a Mom blogger

"Being a working mom is the toughest yet the most satisfying thing to do. Unknowingly, you teach your child to be independent and self-reliant."

So we have with us Ms.Banchika Bhawnani. She is a mom of a 2-year-old, a product reviewer, a creative baby photographer, and a fashion enthusiast.

She takes us through her journey of becoming a mom blogger and inside the life of a working mom. And we think it is truly amazing!

Q1. Please share your journey as a mom blogger.

Mom blogging came unexpectedly to me. After the birth of my son, I always thought I would go back to work. However, every time I applied for a job, I could not go forward with it because of this one question "Will I be able to leave him alone?”. In the meantime, I started clicking his photographs and posting them on my Instagram page for fun. So, it was one of my friends who asked me to take up mom blogging since I was clicking such amazing pictures. A lot of people started tagging me in their posts, asking me to share my journey and so I wrote an article on my Pregnancy journey. And From 6th May 2019, I made my page public as a blogger page.


Q2. Who are your role models in life?

My ex-boss is my role model. She used to stay alone with her two kids and of course, she had her job. And how wonderfully she managed everything, I was totally mesmerized. Everything that she did was perfect, be it the job or raising the kids. She also used to help her kids with their studies all by herself, no tutors. I was in complete awe of her that someone who is taking care of two kids all by herself is so professional in her work and is always on time. She was one of those real-life heroes. The way she balanced all those things and so flawlessly, Inspired me so much. And even to this day, I look up to her. She is my one true role model.


Q3. What inspired you to become a mom blogger?

Just like I shared I did not plan about it, blogging came to like a surprise. It was actually the overwhelming response of people on the pictures of my kid and asking me to share my journey which routed me towards mom blogging. I made my existing page public and started this journey.


Q4. What about the stress levels being a mom blogger? How do you cope up with it?

For the past 2-3 months, I have been working really hard for my page. So, there are times when my family misses me, even though I am physically present we don't get to spend a lot of time together.

I have not taken a Sunday off for the last 3-4 weeks. But since I have always been a career-oriented woman, this is my career now and I want to give it my two hundred percent. Even when I am with my in-laws, I don't quit shooting for my page. At times I always have to tell my mother that right now "It is Instagram time". They find it hard to understand sometimes but that's okay. When they see me grow I know they will feel good.

The second thing is competition. You have to come up with unique ideas every day for your content, blogs, pictures and everything. You cannot miss putting up a post or blog even one day because the very next day you see someone else already did that. And then copying content will only make you lose your audience. It is very important to be creative and unique in whatever work you are doing. That is how you create your niche.

So I personally believe that whenever we sit for writing blogs or content creation our mind should be free from any other backlog. I usually keep the night time for this work.


Q5. How do you get such creative ideas and what is your go-to mantra whenever you get a creative block?

I remember the first birthday shoot I wanted to have for my page. However, for some reason, it could be how we planned it. So then I decided to try doing this on my own and started to google ideas related to such posts and what other kinds of creative content I can use. I found a lot of unique ideas and started using them. Like the photographs of my kid on a white bed sheet and many more. For different setups, there are different requirements. The one suggestion I have is to go for block colored things. I personally go for solid colors in everything rather than prints. I find them more useful in set-ups.

Usually, when I create the content, I just close my eyes and imagine how I want it to look like. Like for my environment day post, I first imagined the condition of the environment, then I looked at all the props that I have and finally the kind of content my audience will want to see.

So I just keep these three things in mind and sail through the process of content creation with much ease.


Q6. What has been your family's role in your career as a blogger or in normal life?

My husband has been super supportive to me since I started my journey as a mom blogger. Initially, I was very paranoid as to how will I ever be able to do something like this and will it be fruitful. That's when he encouraged me to go for it and gave me the strength. There are times when I am extremely busy with the work and I am not able to look after my son. But then he takes up that task and engages him, this sets my mind free. So yes, He is the biggest support system in the mom blogger journey.


Q7. Would you like to give any message to the moms out there?

The one thing I want to say to all the moms out there is "Be Unique". To the mom bloggers or the aspiring mom bloggers, I want to say that create content that makes you stand out from the rest. Build up your own idea, your unique way to show them to the world. Even in your mom-life, be unique and creative with your kids. Go for what you do the best.

Follow her @banchikabhawnani on Instagram for more insights!



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