What is the Meaning of an "International School" in India?

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Meaning of an international school


What is an International School?


To all the parents and readers who are not well aware of the definition of an International School, here is a quick explanation - An International school does not follow only the national curriculum of its Home Country, instead it integrates curriculum of various other countries or International Curriculum within the national curriculum of its Home Country.According to new data, the global English-medium foreign school market is expected to expand significantly in 2014 and into the foreseeable future. According to the most recent statistics released by The International School Consultancy Group (ISC), there are now 7,017 international schools around the world meeting the learning requirements of over 3.5 million students, all of whom use English as the language of instruction.

English-medium international schools are becoming an increasingly important sector for international student enrollment in higher education. They are no longer solely the domain of expatriate offspring. Today, over 2.5 million international school students are local children pursuing a quality, English-speaking education in order to gain admission to one of the world's prestigious universities.


The curriculum could be of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, or Cambridge Assessment International Education or it can also be a national curriculum of a different country.

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Benefits of an International School


Global standards

International education

Because of its International approach, the education imparted to children stands out on a global level. Such experience opens the door to a plethora of opportunities in this big wide world.


Cultural diversity 


The addition of an International curriculum enlightens students with different foreign cultures. It makes the world a more accessible place than before.


Foreign languages 

International Schools never fail to acknowledge the importance of transforming students into logical thinkers. Therefore they practice activities like teaching new foreign languages so that the student is global-ready.


World-class education 

International Schools ensure that their students receive a top-notch education that would help them push their horizons to become better humans with enhanced productivity. Such schools train the student to become highly adjusted to new found problems that they would witness ahead in life.


What makes a School truly International?


International curriculum 

One of the most important reasons why parents choose an International School is because of their exciting and challenging International curriculum.  The curriculum is so designed that it helps students grow to their optimum level making them more capable for the world outside the four walls of the classroom.


Student diversity

International Schools enroll students from different countries and cultures and thus form a student crowd more diverse than the normal local schools. This diversity helps students gain important insights into other nations and cultures.


Teachers from all around the globe

International Schools recruit the best teachers from different countries so that they can provide a new perspective to teaching. And as the quote says “Better than a thousand days of diligent study, is one day with a great teacher”(Japanese Proverb). Quality teaching can really help a child more than we can think of.

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Top-notch Infrastructure

International Schools are famous for their world-class infrastructure and why not? Best of classrooms, Sports and games facilities, quality basic amenities, personalized furniture for special kids, open-air theatre, co-curricular facilities, temperature control, etc. Such an environment can greatly affect a pupil’s mind by making them more engrossed in what’s being taught to them. 


International exposure

Regular International workshops and seminars make a student more adept at 21st-century skills which are required for students' holistic growth. These skills give access to big job opportunities which otherwise would only be achievable after extensive diplomas courses. 


Personalized education and counseling

International Schools continuously work on designing personalized education at an individual level. They work for each and every student. They care about the mental health of the students as they install numerous student communities and counseling communities that can benefit students further in life.

UNICOSMOS is one such school that is a “Not for profit organization”, it aims at promoting globally recognized International education in India. A school for toddlers to class 12th students, UNICOSMOS has been designed and empowered to create a global environment where nurturing of global citizens is planned and implemented in a holistic approach.

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