Instilling the Right Manners in Children

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Instilling the Right Manners in Children

A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.
                                                             --- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Manners play an essential role in our life. The ‘respect’ and ‘dignity’ in the moral philosophy are the very same as ‘respect’ and ‘dignity’ in manners. Bodily and material aspects of human encounters can be the cause of incomprehension and irritation. Behaviours, movements, and clothes that are viewed as polite and correct in one context, may be considered wrong in others.

Man differs from animals in that he can make and use tools and that he have the right manners. When you help young children learn appropriate, polite, and considerate behaviour, you are enabling them to form good manners and become more socially attentive as they get older. There are many benefits of acquainting children with good manners. The importance of Good manners and behaviour is a must for everyone. Good manners are as important as a good education is. It is essential to behave properly in society. In today’s technology-driven society, teaching manners is more crucial than anything for a child. Families that learn to practice good manners don’t only function smoothly on the outside, they also experience more positives and reduced conflict internally.

Having good manners is a sign of a well-educated individual. Manners and etiquette in children are a sign that they have been brought up well. Instilling good manners in children makes them an overall pleasant, polite, and kind person. Children with good manners are more likely to succeed in life. Children with good manners always have a grip over others, whether it is academically or socially. 
Teaching good manners to kids may be quite a task, but parents should make sure not to lose patience with their child. Parents can use social opportunities, like a holiday gathering, a family meal, or a simple trip to the grocery store, to instil good manners in their children that will become a habitual part of their lives into adolescence and beyond.

good manners in children

Some ways for parents to teach good manners to their children are as follows:

  • Greeting each other properly at home: Showing your child how to greet people properly is one of the most important skills you can teach them. So to teach them to greet other people properly parents should start the practice from home itself, it will help your child form a habit of greeting people easily.

  • Saying thank you, please, excuse me and sorry: Parents should teach their children to say words like thank you and please. Saying thank you and please is one of the cardinal foundations of good manners. kids should learn how to say thank you for gifts that they receive, but they should also be taught to say thank you to people who assist or serve them. Children should also be taught to say sorry when they do any mistake.

  • Knocking on doors before entering: Kids should be taught that privacy is paramount, especially at home. Children should be taught to knock on doors before entering anyone’s room, even in their parent’s room too. Parents should also show their kids this habit by following it as well. Parents should also knock on the door of their child’s room before entering. Once you start doing so, in front of your kids, it will help them pick it up as a good habit.

  • Not laughing at others: Children should be taught that it is never okay to hurt someone’s feelings by making fun of them or bullying them in public or private. They should be taught to love and care for others.

  • Showing respect to elders: Children should never use foul language in front of adults. They should be taught to show respect to their parents, grandparents, teachers, and any other adults they encounter. 

Good manners are basic elements that will instil a sense of etiquette in your children and make them better human beings when they grow up. Instilling good manners in children, parents as well as schools, are very important. Schools are those institutions where a child spends his early precious years of life. From school, children learn most of the things of life. Children learn socializing through schools. Children spend roughly a third of their day at school, so manners mustn’t fall by the wayside when parents are out of sight.

Schools like Mayur Public School help their students instil good manners in them and help them become good human beings in the future. Located in the heart of East Delhi at I.P. Extension; Mayur Public School has acquired the status of a reputed premier educational institution. The school has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing contemporary ICT-enabled academics supplemented with co-curricular and sports education. It has been conferred the coveted International School Award,-2015-18 & 2018-2021 by British Council. Global Sustainable School Award by GEARD foundation, the School Excellence Award by Brainfeed, in recognition of best Academic Excellence, Best STEM Education, Best Safety and Security arrangements in school. The Education today.co on its annual survey, ranked Mayur Public School at 1st position on the parameters of co-curricular education.

mayur public school

A few of the etiquettes followed in Mayur Public School are:

  • In the classroom: The fundamentals of saying thank you and please are mostly taught in school and applied by children in a crowded environment like school, resulting in the creation of the habit of saying those words.

  • In the cafeteria: Table manners in the cafeteria are a plus point for every student as during tiffin time most children learn table manners by observing others. 

  • On the playground: While playing outside children learn to keep in mind manners like saying sorry if anyone gets hurt. They also learn helping each other while playing and building bonds.

Schools like Mayur Public school provides all the facilities for their students like:

  • Smart Class Rooms
  • AC classes for Primary Classes
  • GPS tracking for School Buses
  • LABS(Robotics lab, Maths lab, English Language lab, Computer lab, Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs, Atal Tinkering lab, 3D Virtual lab)
  • Fifa Approved Turf Laid on School Playgrounds
  • Grounds(Volleyball ground, Handball ground, Football ground, Basketball courts)
  • Sports(Skating,cricket,taekwondo,band,table tennis,basketball,volleyball,kho-kho etc)

mayur public school library

Good manners give a child the confidence to face any problem strongly and students of Mayur Public School have such kind of confidence in them. Children of Mayur Public School take active participation in many activities which reflects their confidence, further reflecting the school’s good environment for building such confidence in them.

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