A Look at the Impact of Online Schooling and Home-Schooling Environment on Children

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Sheena Dawar
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A Look at the Impact of Online Schooling and Home-Schooling Environment on Children

In the past two years, a lot has changed in our lives because of the sudden intrusion of Covid-19 in our lives. Before that, nobody could have ever imagined a scenario in which schools will shut down for in-person classes, no exams will take place, students will get promoted to the next class just by spending their days at home, and studies will entirely take place on phones/ computers, one can be present in the class even while one is sleeping/ eating, parents will themselves let their children use phone/ laptop for the entire day, and so on. But this did happen, and all of this came true only because of the unwanted guest called Corona Virus. Covid-19 has launched a new model of education in the academic world. Earlier, going to school on a regular basis was a must for schooling. But now, home-schooling is a new-coined fashion of the recent times. 

impact of homeschooling and online learning

With the growing popularity of online meeting apps, like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., the schools have adopted them in their overall operations. Even after a significant amount of decline in the no. of Covid-19 cases, a lot of schools have chosen to be online schools. When things came back to normal, although a majority of online schools shifted back to in-person classes, the home-schooling methodology of teaching became so dominant in our lives in the past two years that now many students and their parents are themselves no longer interested in in-person classes. To deal with this situation, several schools are now running hybrid classes where the schools are playing the role of both online schools as well as regular schools. The schools that are working on the hybrid model conduct their classes both in-person as well as online, giving the students an option to attend the classes by coming to school or by attending the classes from their homes. However, it’s a highly debatable and complex topic whether the schools should conduct online classes or not as many people still live by the belief that education can’t take place properly in the home-schooling environment. Well, we’re here to break this myth. in this article, we are going to talk about the positive impact of online schooling and the home-schooling environment on children.  


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The Positive Impact of Online Schooling and Home-Schooling Environment on Children 

positive impact of online learning and homeschooling environment on children

The change in the conventional schooling model to the online/ hybrid model has brought along with it several benefits which nobody could’ve thought of if there were no Covid-19 pandemic situation. Following are some of those benefits: 

  • Sense of Responsibility: Online home-schooling environment developed a sense of responsibility in students as in online schooling, the students are themselves required to keep a track of the timings of their classes, timely submission of assignments, etc. 
  • Improved quality of education: In the case of online schooling, the quality of education is much better than regular schooling. This is because, in the case of in-person classes, the teacher is generally not able to focus on each and every student and fails to individually address every single student’s doubt, but the online way of teaching has made it possible. Now, every student can get the attention of the teacher by raising their hand or dropping their doubt in the chatbox on Zoom or other meeting apps. 
  • Upgradation: A lot of students were not well-acquainted with the use of computers/tablets before Covid, but when online schooling became the only model of education for students because of Covid, they had to upgrade themselves to be able to attend the classes. 

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