E-Schooling: Get the Best School Experience from the Comfort of your Home

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E-Schooling: Get the Best School Experience from the Comfort of your Home

Most parents want to prioritize their child's education and give them the best possible opportunities for all-round development. With the advent of technology, the education industry has grown many-fold. The incorporation of smart boards, PowerPoint presentations, projectors etc in classrooms is a vivid example of this change. E-schooling is a similar concept that grew into public attention with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. E-schooling can be defined as a system in which teaching, as well as learning, is carried out remotely over the internet with the help of mobile phones or computers. E-schools have emerged as an alternative to traditional classroom teaching. 


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Why consider e-schooling over classroom learning? 

Why consider e-schooling over classroom learning? 

E-schooling can be a good alternative to traditional classroom learning. Let us look at the reasons for this:

  • It's flexible and comfortable: Online education allows students to study in the comfort of their own homes. The assignments and assessments are more flexible as the students can submit them within the deadline whenever they feel like it. Online schooling also incorporates more videos and presentations than traditional schooling. It is possible to record lectures, allowing the students to revise and review better. The majority of high school learners want to learn online programming. There are 42% females and 62% males among these. 41.6% of online learners are beyond the age of 30. More than 3 million students are pursuing their higher education entirely through online learning.Hence, students can study at their own pace without the fear of being left behind. Additionally, it makes children feel a sense of independence. 
  • It’s more accessible: Online classes enable students to study from any location. This makes it easier for students to attend even if they are away from home, all they need is a good internet connection. Students save time used in commuting to and from school; this also reduces transportation expenses.
  • It gives you more time to spend with your child: In traditional classroom settings, students spend around 5 to 6 hours away from home under the supervision of a teacher. Conventional secondary education enrollment is declining by 1% to 2% per year. Many students are choosing for low-cost online education. Oftentimes one teacher is expected to look after 30 to 40 students which can make it difficult for the teacher to properly guide and help in the growth of your child. Whereas, at home, you can ensure that your child is following the curriculum while spending time with him or her, essentially playing an active role in your child's education. 
  • It’s more cost-effective compared to traditional classroom settings: E-schooling is more cost-efficient than traditional schooling methods. The expenses for transportation and canteen meals are unnecessary for online classes. Although the financial burden decreases, the results can be better than traditional education methods. 
  • Teacher's feedback is faster and more frequent: Due to the remote nature of e-schools and online classes, greater attention is paid to giving and receiving feedback. This allows for any required changes and special needs to be addressed faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the parents can also give their feedback and supervise if necessary changes are being implemented. 


Which Indian e-school to consider? 

Cyboard School

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Cyboard School has emerged as the first educational institute that offers e-schooling in India. Cyboard School makes use of a unique Learning Management System (LMS) to teach its students and keep the parents up to date. The LSM allows easy access to tasks, results, timetables, co-curricular activities, holidays etc. It makes it possible for the students to find resources shared by their teachers and quickly graded assessments and assignments. The parents can use the parent portal on the LSM to keep track of the child's performance, grades and any remarks by the teacher. 

This unique LSM makes use of the latest Artificial Intelligence to bring you and your child a fulfilling educational experience. The Learning Management System is secure and easy to use by children even when not in the presence of adults. The online lectures are secure and in full control of the teachers. The LSM will give you access to personalized reports on your child's assessment, attendance, performance and other factors. 

A concern that is bound to emerge among parents considering e-schooling could be the lack of interaction between your child and his or her peers. Cyboard School takes care of this by organizing various events such as picnics, residential camps etc. in which children meet their classmates and learn socialization skills. From 16.5% in 2008 to 45.6% in 2016, more students are choosing to take classes online.

Cyboard School boasts of an impressive faculty roster full of experienced, talented teachers. The school offers affordable classes from Nursery to Grade 6. Check out Cyboard School to give your child the best school experience from the comfort of your house and under your supervision. 


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