Enchanting Christmas stories to fascinate your children with

Shubhi Kapoor
a year ago
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Enchanting Christmas Stories

Winter vacations are here and so are kids sitting at home, getting bored, wondering what to do. We as parents, look for activity groups to keep them engaged. Since Christmas is around the corner, how about some good old story-telling sessions with your kid? Kids across age-groups love to hear stories. It is beneficial to children, helping them hone their creativity and imagination skills.  

Here are 2 stories your kids will love to listen to:

The Little Christmas Tree

Once upon a time, there lived a little fir tree who wanted to live amongst humans. His other three friends would always discourage him from saying living with humans was not a good idea. 

One day, when some children came to buy a fir tree for Christmas, they really liked the little fir tree and bought it. The fir tree was very happy that he would get to live with humans. The children took the tree home, decorated it with lights and ornaments. Everyone praised the tree for it looked beautiful. This made the tree very happy. 

Day by day, the tree started growing into a big one until one day the tree’s needles started falling off. After the Christmas celebrations were over, the family packed up the tree and stored him in the cellar. The tree felt very sad at this. After many days, the tree was taken out and planted in the soil. The tree was happy to be back in the open and realised that he was packed up to keep him healthy. 

Each year the trend continued and the fir tree was happy to be with the family. He realised his friends who had cautioned him against living with humans were wrong. 

The Tin Soldier

This is the sweet story of a boy who fell in love with a pretty ballerina and how he was lost and got back again with her. 

One Christmas, a little boy received a box of 25 tin soldiers as a present. All the soldiers were the same except one soldier who had only one leg. But it was still standing as tall as the others.

 The tin soldier fell in love with a toy ballerina also standing on one leg, whom he found very beautiful. The soldier would keep admiring the ballerina. But this was not liked by another of the boy’s toys, a jack-in-the-box. One morning, while the soldier was standing by the window, he was thrown out of the house by a strong gust of wind. Losing the soldier made the boy quite unhappy.  

Meanwhile, two small boys saw the tin soldier and put him in a paper boat and floated him in a stream. The boat floated towards a sewer. The paper boat tore and the soldier was swallowed by a big fish. The fish was caught by a fisherman and taken to the market place. He was bought by a man who took it to his master’s house. When the maid cut up the fish in the kitchen, she was shocked to see the tin soldier inside it. She gave it to her mistress, who recognised it and gave it to the boy. The boy was happy to have his toy back and the tin soldier was elated to be back with the ballerina. 

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