Understanding the Essence of E-Learning and its Functionalities

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Understanding the Essence of E-Learning and its Functionalities

The progression of this world today has taken a wide step forward and advanced formidably, allowing for numerous fields to thrive and progress smoothly. The Educational sector of today’s world has surely brought about many aspects that are essential to impart knowledge to children wholeheartedly, with the advancement of the world; there is advancement in teaching and learning methodologies too.

The onset of Covid-19 brought about a standstill in the world in 2020 which caused numerous sectors to resort te the online method of functioning; where people made use of an online video communications platform and other online tools. Educational institutes utilize these platforms to conduct classes and give lectures to students necessary for their own betterment, in a sense, this mode of imparting also falls under the umbrella of E-Learning, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In this article, we will be discussing the functionalities and usage of E-Learning.

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What is E-learning?


In layman’s terms, E-Learning refers to using electronic resources in teaching or imparting knowledge to students. Computers and the internet are the main components of e-Learning. E-Learning specialises in formulating a learning system where the students can attend classes from anywhere they may be.

Via e-learning, students can also learn at their own pace since the lectures have been provided to them. The word e-learning can be used synonymously with “web-based training” or “online tutoring.”


How E-learning Works in Education

Girl sitting with a laptop and books

During Covid-19, most educational institutes resorted to the online method of imparting knowledge and all necessary instructions to students. Now, the question arises how does one manage under the umbrella of e-learning?

The answer is that instructions are delivered by a combination of static methods such as learning portals, hyperlinked pages, streaming audio/video and live Web broadcasts such as desktop video conferencing. E-learning tools enable the delivery of learning materials directly from the instructor to the learner. Multi-directional communications serve as interactive tools to students, employees, and learners alike to have access to learning content.

  • It is noticeable that the availability of smartphones in today’s market and their heavy usage by the masses, has made it easy for people to have access to numerous opportunities that are available for their own benefit.
  • Social media, as a whole, has its roots deeply induced in society. The public can also make good use of these platforms available to learn and communicate with peers.
  • There are several other mediums of learning through which e-learning functions; the diverse learning spectrum includes podcasts, narrative-based training and infographics.


Importance of E-learning

A laptop: Importance of E-learning

  • E-learning sets its importance by bringing learners, tutors, experts and other interest groups to one place. The process of knowledge sharing takes place efficiently through medium or online platforms. Therefore, the necessity for quick information to surface and be directed throughout is essential and this helps in better growth of an individual.
  • E-learning has also made it effective for students and tutors to develop learning skills at the same time as their other endeavours too. They can engage in learning courses from the comfort of their homes and participate in numerous skills-developing programs.
  • Educational institutes’ efficient usage of e-learning in their curriculum can help ensure their students grasp concepts and lessons at a faster pace.
  • The introduction of e-learning has been made to bring about fruitful development in the skills of the students and learn at a faster rate. Another aspect is that learners can obtain a degree certificate without actually attending a school or university.


E-Learning and its Functionalities

Students learning through an online class: E-learning and its functionalities

Analysing all that has been mentioned above about e-learning, we can definitely understand the main purpose of e-learning.

E-learning has been introduced to bring about a change in the educational sphere altogether. With the rapid progress of today’s world, there is competition all around and therefore, it is essential and an absolute necessity for learners to grasp concepts and develop skills at a faster rate. Therefore, E-learning plays a vital role in fulfilling this goal.

The main purpose of e-learning is to make education more accessible and convenient for learners. The effective aspect of imparting instructions to the learners through the usage of online platforms has made it efficient, and the learning content is delivered through all online mediums, making it easy for the learners to gain access.

  • Online learning is efficient and makes everyone’s learning process convenient and they can learn at their own pace.
  • The learners do not necessarily have to attend a physical classroom but can attend a class from any place at any time.
  • The learning content is easily available and the learners can gain access to them uninterruptedly.
  • With numerous events going on in this world, learners are also updated with the current trends efficiently.
  • The quick delivery of lessons in e-learning is what makes it so effective and efficient. This makes it a fast way of learning.
  • Consistency of learning is also ensured in e-learning as the learners are given scalable learning content and can learn from the comfort of their homes. Teachers are given the opportunity to deliver the content regularly which can bring about consistency of exposure and results more efficiently.
  • The expenses of e-learning are available at a much-reduced cost.
  • The self-paced learning process is also noted and promoted with e-learning.

Now, let us have a look at an educational institute in India that is well known for its efficient usage of e-learning and has changed the tide of learning, i.e., Cyboard School.

Cyboard School

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Affiliation: IAO
School Format: Day school
Co-ed Status: Coed
Established in: 2021

Cyboard School is a 100% online school which sets online learning (e-learning) as its base of imparting knowledge to its students; they can access it on their devices from anywhere and do not necessarily have to physically attend classes. The school offers stress-free, systematic, and structured virtual classes from the comfort of the student’s home. The school’s curriculum is designed to be simple and offers the best education to the students from the best-trained teachers and instructors. The school has cut down on  all that is expensive and reduced the expenses of learning drastically; all that is necessary is a good internet connection on the student’s part and a computer or smartphone.

The school has taken a leap of faith in making its learning system 100% cyber-centric and this has transformed the schooling system by providing high-quality education to all with easy accessibility. Cyboard School is unique as it enhances 21st-century skills beyond foundational literacies and is committed to making learning more engaging and meaningful. The school’s usage of the latest technology and providing mentors across the globe focus on becoming the largest kids and parents-centric online school in the world.

As we have looked at the importance, the purpose and benefits of e-learning, it is safe to say that this learning system is effective and efficient in every sense of the term. It lays its emphasis on a fast delivery of learning content to the learners, thereby making the learning process more convenient to the learners. Therefore, more educational institutes should set e-learning in its curriculum so that students can learn at a quicker pace and understand concepts and lectures more efficiently through the usage of the right mediums and platforms.

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