Determining the Right Age for Boarding School

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
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Right Age for Boarding School

Among the many concerns and worries that concern a parent’s mind when it comes to considering their child for admission to boarding school is the question of determining whether the child has reached the right age to be sent away to pursue studies in a boarding school. Getting the child admitted to a boarding school marks the first time that a child stays away from home for a long period of time. The question of having to spend months without their kids in front of their eyes can get any parent to worry about even the smallest of matters. Thus, it is not surprising that parents often find themselves wondering about the right age for boarding school admissions. Read on as we help you seek answers to determining the right age for boarding school admissions, while also presenting a set of determining factors regarding the same. 


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For a parent, their child, no matter how big they grow, are always tiny little children in their eyes. Whether you have grown into an adult or have children of your own, to your parents, you always remain a kid. No wonder parents often worry about sending children away for studies. Because for them, they are kids who are dependent on their parents for every little need of theirs. After all, children are the apple of their parent's eyes, so the question of living away in a boarding school is bound to make parents a little timid.


What is the Right Age for Boarding School?

children jumping, there is no one right age for boarding school

Several experts believe that a child above the age of 9 is fit for admission to a boarding school. However, one needs to pay attention to the fact that not all children have the same pattern of development. Everyone has different needs, which they might seek at stages differing from that of others. This makes it a difficult task to determine the right age for boarding school.

To simply put it, there is no right age to be determined as the best frame of time to get a child admitted to boarding school. Instead, it depends on a number of factors relating to the child. Let’s have a look at the factors that help determine the right age for boarding school.

  • Ability at Social Interaction: For most children, school is their only venture out into the social world. However, they spend only a limited time of the day in school, which might not be enough for some children to gratify their need for social interaction. There are also some children that constantly seek to find answers through social interactions, answers about nature, about what surrounds them. The environment at a boarding school can be the right choice for such children, allowing them to gratify their need for constant social interaction.
  • Positive Take on Challenges: Children who love taking on challenges are known to be the right fit for boarding schools. These are the children that often seek to rise beyond the horizon that they are exposed to in traditional day schools. Such children are often on the lookout for challenges that help them to nurture and develop themselves. Boarding schools constantly nudge children to discover and explore their true potential and innate talents, exposing children to a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to their academic development.
  • Responsibility of Self: Elaborating on what we discussed above, sure, for parents, children always remain young kids. But that does not necessarily mean that a child living under the watchful eye of their parents grows up to be irresponsible. In fact, many parents might not even realize when their tiny tot grows up to be responsible for themselves, taking responsibility for all that they do. Once a child becomes responsible for himself/herself, a parent can consider a boarding school admission without having to worry much about the maturity of the child.
  • Recognition of Learning Needs: The learning needs of individuals are not the same as it differs from one person to another. What teaching method might work best for one child might prove to be completely useless for the other. As children grow up, they tend to realize what their learning needs are, and what methods suit them the best. Learning, at boarding schools, is known to be quite diverse, with emphasis on several aspects of development. Once the child is able to recognise their learning needs, he/she is at the right age for admission to boarding school.


In addition to determining the right age for admission to boarding school, it is also essential for parents to discuss the same with the child. Communicate, and see what they have to say about the same. Because, if they are at the right age for admission to boarding school, they must also have a say in the decision.

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