Dangers of Homeschooling

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Chehak Baweja
8 months ago
Dangers of Homeschooling

Schooling establishes an education base for children. And there are various ways to educate a child. But nowadays, there is an introduction of a new progressive movement which is known as Homeschooling. Let’s learn about what Homeschooling is and the disadvantages of Homeschooling. 


What is Homeschooling?

It is a movement in which parents educate their children at home rather than sending them to a public or private school. The house becomes the place for a child’s education rather than a school. The parents teach their children and make them learn life skills and values.

How does Homeschooling work?

Homeschooling does not mean isolating the children at home. Instead, the parents organize tutor classes, sports, and other opportunities for their children. Parents form a close relationship with their children and help them in their development. They become the influencer of their children. 

But as we say, each and everything has its pros and cons. The same goes with Homeschooling as well.


Here’s where parents have to decide whether homeschooling is the right decision for their child or not.

  1. It can lead to frustration in the children: Children can’t enjoy school life, and they don’t have many friends. And this can lead to frustration. And sometimes, the children can also suffer from depression. They have less or no interaction with other people.
  2. No good knowledge of subjects: Sometimes parents don’t organize any tutor classes for their children and try to teach them alone. And this leads to a lack of overall knowledge of each subject in the child. The parents should realize that they may not be good at teaching everything. So they should understand the importance of school.
  3. To be around the children for the whole day: In Homeschooling, parents are the ultimate educators of their children. So, parents are playing the role of teachers as well. Therefore, they need to be around their children for the whole day. And with this, they have to make a sacrifice in their personal lives.   
  4. Irregular learning: If parents get busy with their work or in any issue of their personal lives, then they may not teach their children regularly. And this leads to irregular learning. All this will result in an unsafe future for the children. 
  5. Pressure on parents: Homeschooling is not only difficult for the children but also for the parents. It can result in constant worry about the education of their child and a reduction in their leisure time.
  6. Parents can lack patience: Sometimes, the parents may lack patience when their children are not able to learn things. They might scold the children in anger which results in the children getting distant from the parents.
  7. The decision of parents: Sometimes, parents become unsure about their decision to Homeschooling. And that can affect the future of their child.

Thus, parents should think wisely as there are negative effects to homeschooling just as there are to any other method of schooling.

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