Are Boarding Schools Better than Day Schools? Make an Informed Decision

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Boarding Schools vs Day Schools

Schooling is undoubtedly one of the most important phases in an individual’s life. In the early years of childhood, it is the exposure to the schooling environment that leads to the formation of several cognitive, emotional, physical and social development in a person. After all, it is the values imparted by the school that can either make or break a person even later in life. 

For a child, the school that they study in acts as their second home. In fact, for several kids, school is their first exposure to a social circle, to a world outside of their home. The school marks several of their first of many experiences, as it spans a long period of their life. Thus, it becomes an important responsibility on the shoulders of the parents to make sure that they get their child admitted to a school that is the right fit for them. 


Are Boarding Schools Better than Day Schools: How to Choose?

boarding schools vs day schools

Boarding schools vs day schools has been a constant debate in the field of education. Are boarding schools better than day schools? 

As two very different institutions of imparting education, parents are often conflicted when it comes to making a decision on whether they want to admit their child to a boarding school or a day school. According to a recent research performed by The Association of Boarding Schools, 78% of boarders feel inspired by classmates, compared to 49% of public school pupils. Students that attend boarding school are often goal-oriented and want to go to university.The most important and central aspect of education is the all-round development of students and that is something that is ensured by both boarding schools and day schools of this age. However, here is a further breakdown of day schools and boarding schools that might just help you make an informed decision. 


Decoding Boarding Schools: Advantages and Disadvantages

advantages of boarding schools, disadvantages of boarding schools

The term boarding refers to “food and lodge”, that is, a boarding school is a school that provides students with meals and accommodation facilities in addition to providing them education. Boarding schools have residential dorms within the school campus that the students are allotted to according to the grade that they are in.  

Off late, boarding schools have grown to be quite popular across the globe. Wondering why? Well, listed below are some advantages that highlight the many reasons behind the growing popularity of boarding schools. 

  • Constant Guidance: Students who study in boarding schools are on the school campus at all times. That is, they can easily contact their seniors and even their peers in case of any academic emergencies.Boarding schools are known for fostering students' academic potential. According to recent surveys, an estimated 91 percent of boarding school students report tough academics, compared to 70 percent of private school students and 50 percent of public school students. Moreover, the teachers in boarding schools are available around the clock and can be contacted by the students anytime a doubt props up. This constant guidance pushes students towards academic excellence.
  • Promotion of Self-Reliance Skills: Children who study in boarding schools are more used to taking care of themselves, of being responsible for their actions. They learn to solve s their problems on their own from early on, without having to rely on others for help or support. This mature act of fending for themselves instills confidence in children to face challenges head-on and thus, makes them self-reliant.
  • Tight-Knit Alumni: Boarding schools are known to foster a great deal of brotherhood and sisterhood feelings. As the students spend almost all of the time together, they develop close bonds of friendship that often sustain even long after they are done with the schooling experience. The tight-knit alumni of boarding schools are much more common than those of day schools.

However, every coin has two sides to it. Similarly, boarding schools too, are not all advantageous, there are also some disadvantages attached to boarding schools. Here are some of the most common and notable disadvantages of boarding schools.

  • Added Costs: It is a known fact that boarding schools are a costlier option as compared to day schools. The added cost in the fee structure of boarding schools is a result of the many added amenities that boarding schools provide. That is, the added costs are completely justified but they still raise the question of affordability for students that are from economically weaker families.
  • Detachment from Home: It is now widely recognised that students who have been studying at boarding schools from a young age might grow emotionally detached from home and family members. Emotional detachment occurs especially when the home base is not emotionally strong. This emotional detachment may later cause problems when the child grows up and is unable to cohabit with the family.


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Decoding Day Schools: Advantages and Disadvantages

advantages of day schools, disadvantages of day schools

As the name seems to suggest, day schools are schools that a child attends during the day. That is, a day school is a school that a child goes to in the morning and returns back home after the completion of classes in the evening. Unlike boarding schools, day schools do not allow for the accommodation of students and are restricted to just educational purposes.

Day schools are more common than boarding schools and are available in an array of options. Needless to say, much more students are admitted to day schools than compared to boarding schools, at least as of now. Stated below are some advantages of day schools that drive parents towards them.

  • Involvement of Parents: Day schools allow for some active parenting. As students tend to return back home from school every evening, parents get a chance to interact with them regarding the events of the day. Parents can actively help their kids by helping them with studies, homework, school activities, etc. Such active participation helps to strengthen the parent-child bond.
  • Education at Home: Parents have an active part to play in the educational process when their child is admitted to a day school. They can easily keep track of the learning process of their children as they return back home to their parents every day. The schools too maintain frequent contact with the parents letting them know their child’s progress, also summoning them to school if the need arises.
  • Affordability: Day schools are easily more affordable as and when compared to boarding schools. This is, of course, as day schools lack several amenities that boarding schools provide. However, needless to say, the affordability quotient is helpful to several families that cannot afford a boarding school or a premium educational institution for their child.

Just like boarding schools, day schools are also not all for the good. There are also some disadvantages attached to admitting a child to a day school. Stated below are some disadvantages of day schools for you to consider.

  • Over-Interference of Parents: Sure, day schools help to increase familial bonds as the children are at home with their parents. But, by being with parents students often lose out on the freedom, confidence and self-reliance encouraged in boarding schools. Often, parents tend to over-interfere with the happenings in their child’s life, causing clashes between them, and ultimately tainting the parent-child relationship.
  • Specific Hours of Learning: Day schools are falling behind boarding schools in that they have only specific hours dedicated to learning. Unlike boarding schools, students at a day school cannot consult their teachers after school hours. Students at a day school do not have the constant guidance that the students at a boarding school are accorded with.

Thus, boarding schools and day schools both have a great deal to offer when it comes to securing a child’s future. No matter the kind of school that you choose, it is always advisable to do appropriate research on the same. After all, not all schools fit into the stereotypical boxes of boarding and day schools.


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