Best party presents you can get for 3 to 8 year old children

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Radhika Krishnan
3 years ago
Best Party Presents for toddlers

Every time your child gets invited to a friend’s party, do you have to hunt around for a good gift, wondering what to buy? Worry not. Whether it is a birthday party, Christmas or new year get together, we have here a ready reckoner of the lost loved gift items for kids. All you need to do is pick and buy. 

  1. Finger Puppets: Kids who love storytelling sessions will enjoy these. They usually come in a set of ten and available in various themes like animals or birds etc. 

  2. Play tent: Play tents come in various themes like a house, or shop etc. They are convenient as they can be packed up when not in use. They are useful in stimulating a child’s imaginative play. 

  3. Vehicles set:  A set of cars or trucks in die-cast metal is a great gift idea for kids who are fascinated with vehicles. For older kids, a remote control car or monster truck will be lovely. 

  4. Colouring book: An all-time favourites with most kids. Add a crayon set for the younger children or a brush pen set for slightly older ones. It helps young ones work on motor skills and expands their creativity. Sure to keep them engaged for hours. 

  5. Gardening Set: This is basically a pack of some shovels and a bucket. Children love to spend time scooping mud and shoving it into the bucket and even make sandcastles out of them. Very suitable for playing on the beach too. It helps instil a love for nature in kids. Also, works on improving the child’s hand-eye coordination. 

  6. Magnetic Doodling Boards: Much like the slate and chalk in our times, this simple board and stylus can take a child into the wonderful world of imagination, letting them draw all they want. It is handy and can be used by children even when travelling. 

  7. Soft toys: A soft toy of the child’s favourite character is sure to bring a smile to her face. Kids love to spend hours on pretend play using soft toys. 

  8. Doctor set/ Mechanic set/Kitchen set: Depending on the interest of the child, you can get any one of these. Children love to engage themselves in pretend play using these toys. 

  9. Playdough: Modelling clay or play dough can be a great gift idea. Kids improve on their motor skills while working with the clay to create different items. 

  10. Binoculars: Gift the child his very own binoculars and let him enjoy watching things come up close when he sees through it. These are made of plastic and quite durable. Useful to help a child explore the wonders of nature and sightseeing. 

Next time you need to buy a present for a little child, just go ahead and pick one of the above and be sure your gift will be loved.

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