How to give your child the best Childhood Memories?

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Radhika Krishnan
3 years ago
Creating fun time memories with family

Kids grow up fast. Before you realize, they will be teenagers busy with their own lives. As a parent, it is always a pleasure to spend some quality time with your children. Times that the parent and child will look back to with fondness. 

Here are some activities that I think each parent should do with their kids at least once, while they are still little ones. Not activities actually, but more like fun experiences that your child is going to enjoy with you. Be sure to click some photographs along the way to keep the childhood memory alive. 

Make an Adventure: Picnic together on a warm winter afternoon or cool summer evening, do a treasure hunt together, go to the hills and trek over small mountains, go to a beach and splash water on each other, go boating, play in the rain. 

Fall in love with books: Read out a book to your child, hear them read, play sight word games, listen to audiobooks, act out stories from books. 

Play Together: Play cards, board games (ludo, snakes and ladders, and chess are favorites here), do some face painting, make puppets together and do a puppet show, play hide and seek. 

Laugh Together: Tell funny jokes to your child, hear their jokes (and laugh even if you don’t find it funny ☺), learn some magic tricks and card tricks, watch a funny movie together. 

Go Outside: Fly a kite, plant a garden, make a sandcastle, collect rocks and dry leaves, watch bugs. 

Cook Together(and relish the food, no matter how it turns out): Teach them to make dosas/pancakes, allow them to use a knife safely, make healthy muffins together, do some no fire cooking with them. 

Teach them Harmony: Make them enjoy family chores, do a charitable activity with them, teach them to save money for something they want, let them enjoy making handmade cards/gifts for someone. 

Explore creativity: Paint together, have the tallest tower competition using building blocks, make forts using cushions, make a family tree with them, let your child take pictures. 

Small children are learning how to express their emotions, and they are reaching more and more milestones in their development. So, it is always good to encourage them to explore, discover, create, and learn whenever possible. go ahead and make memories with your little one. 

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