Do You Recognize the Advantages of Finland School Education?

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Sheena Dawar
9 months ago
Advantages of Finland School Education

The Finland Education System is becoming more and more popular and high-in-demand these days. This is mainly because of the overall curriculum of the Finland schools. The curriculum of the Finland schools is designed in such a way that it makes the students critical thinkers, effective communicators and independent problem solvers. The Finland schools academically prepare their students for each challenge whether it’s in the classroom or in daily life. This is because they run on the belief that it’s only with the right knowledge and skills that the students get ready for college and careers. The Finland schools very well acknowledge the fact that no two children are the same; every child has a different set of interests and traits, for instance, some children may have good interpersonal skills, whereas some children may be introverts who may lack at making interpersonal relations but may be excellent in academics. They also believe that different children have different learning needs, like those who struggle with interpersonal skills should be given opportunities which would challenge them to open up more with others. 

The Finland Education System offers daycare, pre–school, and comprehensive schooling programs. The Finland Education System is quite popular for converting students into efficient and skilled individuals who aren’t just top achievers in academics, but who excel in diverse areas. The Finland Education System instils in its students a lot of professional skills, like proper time management skills, effective communication skills, strong analytical skills, leadership skills and critical thinking skills, among others. Apart from this, The Finland Education System can be called a master at expanding the mental horizon of its students. In addition, it plays a commendable role in developing the overall personality of its students. 


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Why should you study at a Finland school? 

Happy children: Advantages of Finland School Education

Following are some reasons that would help you get an answer to the question that why should one study at a Finland school:  

  • Learn while you play! The Finland schools believe that a kid learns better when the learning takes place in a playful manner. That’s why Finland schools follow the national Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) curriculum which focuses on letting children be children by giving them opportunities to learn and grow while playing. 
  • You’re special! There’s no standardised testing method to assess or rank a student under the Finland Education System. This is because the Finland Education System runs on the belief that every child is unique, and must be treated individually. In Finland schools, the students are encouraged to follow their own personalized learning path. 
  • Let’s get tech-savvy! Innovative use of technology plays a crucial role in the Finland Education System. In Finland schools, the teachers make the children use numerous digital tools so that they become able to learn by doing. 


We understand that it’s difficult for the parents wanting to get their children to get holistic education to get them admitted to a Finland school and enjoy the benefits of the Finland Education System as not everyone can afford to send their children to study in Finland. But getting the benefits of Finland's Education System is now not limited only to those physically present in Finland. The Finland schools are expanding their range, and amazing proof of this is their newly launched Finland school in India. Finland International School (FIS), Pune is the first and only Finland school in India, which follows the Finland Education System.  

Finland International School, Pune

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FIS, Pune is an initiative by Goenka Global Education. In the form of FIS, Goenka Global Education has introduced the Finnish curriculum in India in association with EduCluster Finland (ECF), University of Jyväskylä Group. The Finland school of Pune, India runs on the belief that the children should be nurtured in such a way that they learn to identify themselves as a crucial part of the emerging world and learn to be positive, open-minded and welcoming towards diversity and differences. Also, FIS, Pune encourages learning in such a way that the student gets to learn and grow beyond all boundaries in a complete bias-free environment. So, if you’re looking for a school for the holistic development of your child, FIS, Pune would certainly be a good option for you. 


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