Why do babies cry while sleeping?

Aayushi Aggarwal
11 days ago
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Baby crying in sleep

Babies often cry when they are sleeping. To feel concerned is comprehensible. Every baby goes through this process, being very common in babies. By crying, babies express their fear or a response to an experience they’ve never had.

One of the multiple reasons why babies might cry during sleep is Night Terrors. They happen to babies after 2 months of age. Babies often scream and don’t recognize you, being terrified. Night Terrors happen when the baby has a missing parent, a new home or in general having a comparatively difficult time. 
Another reason is having nightmares when the baby is about a year old. All babies go through this phase so you shouldn’t panic.

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This is a normal experience for babies, but a consistent sleep schedule, singing a song or humming while the baby is asleep are the best approaches to provide your baby with a pleasant and guarded environment where they don’t have experience unpleasant dreams or panic of any kind. 

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