Ways to help your child to overcome Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nidhi Jain
a month ago
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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) basically refers to a neurological and developmental disorder that usually occurs in early childhood and if not treated well, can last throughout a person's life.

Symptoms of this disease:
• Avoiding interaction or eye contact with people.
• Difficulty in learning how to speak or to focus on something.
• Self-abusive or unusual behaviour disturbances.
• Lack of basic understanding of emotions, like empathy, sympathy etc.

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How can you help your child treat this disease?
• Be positive around your child and praise them for certain behaviours and be specific about what behaviour you liked.
• Make routines to teach them new skills and behaviour which will act as therapy. Take them along for everyday activities.
• Play and interact, give them your time, support and love.
• If intense, you can provide them with a caregiver.

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