Uttarakhand Govt Issues Order On Fee Private Schools Can Charge For Online Classes

12 days ago
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Source: The Hindustan Times

Uttarakhand High Court ruled that private schools cannot charge fees to students who are unable to access online classes a month ago. On Monday evening, the state government issued an order on fee private schools can charge for online classes during the pandemic.

R Meenakshi Sundaram, secretary school education department issued an order on Monday evening on the fee that can be charged by private schools, “after evaluating all the parties- parents and school owners”

The order states that only those private schools which have been providing education through online classes or other communication modes during the lockdown period will be allowed to charge only the tuition fee. The schools are not allowed to charge any other fee from parents. The fresh order applies to all day-run and day-boarding private schools.

“However, if a school is teaching extra subjects through online mode of teaching, then fee for such courses based on a previously set fee, can be charged above the tuition fee,” the order says.