These 5 Unique Schools In India Are Stunning Us With Their Innovative Methods

~Nimisha Paul
7 months ago
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To build the necessary 21st-century skills for our future citizens, we need unique schools which can use new kinds of learning methods, gone are the days when rote-learning worked. Now that modern schools and educators have realized this age-long fault in the Indian education system, they are gradually taking corrective steps to address it. 

Here’s a close look at the top 5 schools that are making conceptual learning the key pillar of their curriculum and bringing change in the overall learning process: 

1. Vega Schools 

Vega schools transform the education system by replacing obsolete learning practices with conceptual ones. The school comprises specially-designed open classrooms, pillared on 5 key values: empathy, excellence, integrity, innovation, and collaborations. The idea is to make school a "joyful place" for students where they can share knowledge, new experiences and deeply engage in problem-solving activities to develop intellect from the very childhood. 

2. Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools 

The Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools are a unique educational institution that operates on a simple philosophy of creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment for students that make them want to attend school. 

3. Parvarish The Museum School 

Parvarish is a museum school situated in Bhopal and aims at uniquely mitigating inequality in education. The school educates underprivileged children through local museums while providing them access to education backed by high-quality infrastructure in association with a number of museums. 

4. The Levelfield School 

The Levelfield School targets to facilitate high-quality and affordable education to students hailing from non-metro cities. The innovative school focuses on imparting education through a series of interesting and engaging activities such as games, puzzles, and discussions of social media posts, with the minimum usage of textbooks and with outdoor classrooms 

5. Yellow Train School 

A progressive school based on Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and nestled in an organic farm, Yellow Train School takes an innovative approach to develop students rather than taking them through textbooks and lessons. The school believes in a very authentic idea that students can learn more and in a much better manner when they are taught amid nature. 

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