The Role of Teachers in Education

Pratham Suwal
19 days ago
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The Role of Teachers in Education

A teacher’s role is described beyond teaching. A teacher is not merely an educator but a counselor, mentor, role model, external parent, and so on to a student. Once a child is admitted to the school, the role of a teacher, in shaping the life of the child, begins. Teachers play a crucial role in our lives. They guide us towards succeeding in a career, job, business, and in short making a successful human being. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society and eventually, good citizens of the country.


 Teachers know that students are the future of any country and that a child is like clay and they can shape the child in any form. Whatever a child learns is from their parents and thereafter, from their teachers,  as a newborn does not have any kind of knowledge. Teachers provide them with education and knowledge. They are of utmost importance in a student’s life. They become an encouraging factor, confident booster, and moral supporter for their students.


Teachers keep reminding their students of the improvement they have done and how far they will have to go. They do many things to boost the confidence of children, from helping in self-evaluation, setting short-term goals, emphasizing improvement, to monitoring every minute progress of students. The teacher’s role is unlimited. The knowledge imparted to the students, by the teachers, while fulfilling their responsibilities of educating them, mentoring them, and giving them practical knowledge goes on for generations, thus building strong foundations for strong nations. 


Mount Olympus School believes teachers play an essential role in the life of their students during school days and even after school in the practical world.


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