Around 40% Students Take Tuition Classes in India

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Around 40% Students Take Tuition Classes in India

Source: NDTV Education

The proportion of students taking tuition classes in India has jumped to almost 40 per cent in 2021, a national-level survey has revealed. In 2018, the number was less than 30 per cent but it has now jumped by around 10 percentage points, as per the sixteenth Annual Status of Education Report (Rural), or ASER 2021, which was released earlier today.


The number of tuition takers has increased across all states except Kerala, according to the ASER report.


The number has increased across both sexes and all grades and school types, according to the survey.


The increase in tuition-taking is higher among less advantaged students.


“Taking parental education as a proxy for economic status, the proportion of children with parents in the 'low' education category who are taking tuition increased by 12.6 percentage points, as opposed to a 7.2 percentage point increase among children with parents in the 'high' education category,” according to the survey report.


However, fewer students whose schools have reopened are taking tuition classes, the survey report stated. “Some differences are visible in the proportion of children taking tuition by school reopening status, with tuition classes more common among children whose schools were still closed at the time of the survey.”


The ASER 2021 report is based on a survey conducted in 25 states and 3 Union Territories. It covered a total of 76,706 households and 75,234 children in the age group of 5-16 years, as well as teachers and head teachers of 7,299 government schools.

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