Steps To Promote Healthy Weight In Kids

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Kajori Biswas
4 years ago

Source: Times of India

Chubby kids look really adorable but once they start growing this can lead to major health issues. Being overweight opens the door for several diseases and childhood obesity is also a thing. So, here are a few steps to promote healthy weight in your kids.

1. Sleep- Kids require more sleep than adults and insufficient sleep can make them eat more than their normal diet.

2. Diet- Healthy eating helps in managing weight. Reduce sugar intake and increase whole-grain products, vegetables, fruits and water intake.

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3. No labelling- Avoid labelling food as good or bad as it will tempt them more towards the bad ones.

4. Being active- Encourage kids to play outdoor games or do yoga instead of watching television. At this age, it is important to stay active.

5. Avoid processed food- Replace processed food like chocolates and chips with nuts, cereals, and fruits. The former can be offered occasionally and not regularly.

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