School Goes ‘Mobile' After Online Classes Fail

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14 days ago
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Source: Hindustan Times

Where online classes have been normalised nationwide, instructors of an elementary school in a far-off part of West Bengal's Murshidabad region are visiting neighbourhoods to confer knowledge. Due to COVID, the government had to stop classes in schools and universities four months back. Andiran Primary School (APS) in the district's Beldanga region began online classes, however they soon found that parents of just 15 of the school's 162 students had smartphones.

To guarantee that the kids would not be affected, the educators thought of an idea of holding classes in open courtyards in various places of the region for small gatherings of students. 

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The headmaster of APS, Biswajit Dutta, stated, "Parents of most of our students cannot afford smartphones or the internet. We are having a mobile school instead. Classes are being held in Purbapara, Daspara, Sasthitala and other areas twice or thrice a week.” The teachers are holding classes in eight areas between 9 am and 2 pm. “We are taking all measures to maintain physical distance during the classes. Not more than 25 students are allowed at a time and use of sanitizers is a must,” added Dutta.

Local residents are supporting the project. While some people have allowed big courtyards to be used, others have provided chairs and tables. Teachers from different schools have additionally joined the initiative to help the new model.

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