Ridge Valley leaves a mark at the AI Global Impact Festival 2021

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Ridge Valley leaves a mark at the AI Global Impact Festival 2021

In yet another remarkable feat, Ishaan Chamoli of Grade XI of Ridge Valley School won a cash prize of $1500 while bagging the title of India’s no. 1 idea at the AI Global Impact Festival 2021. The festival is a one-of-a-kind initiative by Intel to give students around the globe an opportunity to decide what could be the defining technology of the 21st century.


AI global Impact 2021


Through October 15th-30th, 2021, leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and company representatives from Intel organized different sessions, helping participants get a deeper understanding of impact projects that focus on inclusivity and digital readiness. The AI Enthusiast challenge involved two stages wherein all projects were first rated by the audience, and the top 10 entries were evaluated by the Intel panel. 


Ridge Valley


Ishaan participated in the under 13-18 years age category and emerged as the victor, with his project being in the top 10 in the AI Enthusiast challenge globally. His project titled “Refugee Relocation through AI Mapping” is an innovative idea that focuses on improving dislocated populations’ lives. 

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Ridge Valley's teaching pedagogy revolves around a dynamic curriculum that incorporates the CBSE board’s holistic approach towards education. Education focuses not only on academic excellence and technology integration but also on shaping students into responsible citizens, incorporating rural sensitization and adjacent issues into classroom teaching. This served as inspiration for Ishaan's project, which can prove to be a boon for thousands. 

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