Replacing Screen Time for Children

Mayank Jain
22 days ago
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Replacing Screen Time for Children

Source: The Indian Express

Many parents are struggling to curtail screen time and find alternate ways to engage their children. For many, the struggle is being able to coax their children to disengage from the screen.


Now that online schooling has brought screens into the home, the magnet of online games and recreation seems to be consuming the hours of most children.


Prior to the technological age, children enjoyed childhood in the true sense of the word. A childhood that had them use their imagination to create games, find friends to play with and be in touch with the outdoors – all tools necessary to sculpt children into wholesome, confident and social beings with a real sense of their world.


Parents must give their children the freedom to explore ways to keep them busy as their parents would and let them engage in old-fashioned, unstructured free play.


It is essential that children spend time away from screens since time away from technology can do wonders for a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.


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