7 Reasons Why Students Should Be Part of Online Classes

Tanmay Tandon
12 days ago
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7 Reasons Why Students Should Be Part of Online Classes

Source: BW Education

Tens of thousands of students are stuck to computers and smartphone screens as teachers and students enter a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. Though e-learning poses a challenge to both students and teachers over technology and access, it is keeping everyone busy with lectures, worksheets, and assignments.  

It will be interesting to see if the changes coronavirus has caused in the education system stay forever. Let us explore other benefits of online classes. 


1.    Online Competency-Based Learning
Competency-based learning allows a student to attain transferable skills and competencies. Such teaching is learner-focused and not dependent on any other factor. 


2.    Creating High Calibre Learning Pathways for Future 
Skill development and enhancement are key to career growth in the competitive times we live in. Various online education platforms have made it easy for students to develop new skills while continuing with a regular course at a college/university.


3.    Improved Attendance
Since the virus outbreak forced educational institutes to adopt online classes, there is a considerable improvement in the attendance of students.


4.    Trackable Learning 
The performance and learning ability of students are easily trackable in online classes. In online mode, the data of every student is individually stored and digitally trackable.


5.    High Engagement
Online learning materials are visually stimulating, concise, and more interactive combined with features like surveys or polls, quizzes, etc. 


6.    Reduced Distractions
 Another great thing about online classes is that assessment is an ongoing process. There is increased student engagement as there is no peer distraction. 


7.    Quick Assessment  
Online classes have enabled teachers to quickly assess the learning of students as and when they teach. Unlike in the traditional classrooms, tech-enabled classes allow the teachers to post a quiz of 2-3 questions after every 10 minutes or after every concept or conduct a fact-finding poll.


All these and many more advantages of online learning can be utilized by enrolling your child in Silverline Prestige School, where they have fostered a great online learning environment.

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