Why practising self-care during fertility treatment is important

Tanmay Tandon
13 days ago
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Why practising self-care during fertility treatment is important

Source: The Indian Express

When you experience fertility-related issues, the stress, anxiety and loneliness that escort it can be difficult to manage. And once fertility actions begin, those feelings can enlarge. Going through hormonal injections, blood tests and scans can be physically difficult and mentally draining. This journey needs patience, generosity and a positive attitude. Whether you’re about to begin your fertility journey or are currently in the middle of a fertility cycle, self-care can provide a great way to manage with, what can be, an emotionally-draining experience.
The experience is different for everyone. Some navigate through smoothly, some have rough patches in between; so, it becomes important to get committed to self-care during an IVF treatment to make this baby-making journey a happy and fruitful one.

How to practise self-care during an IVF treatment?
* Trust your doctor. It is vital that you feel good about your doctor, feel connected to them, follow and trust their procedures and advice. You should feel yourself to be in safe hands. Most of the anxiety vanishes when the patient-doctor relationship is strong.
* IVF cycles must not be deliberate amid chaotic working patterns. Clear your calendar of anything non-essential during IVF cycle. This creates a space you need for actions and relaxation.

* The course of treatment should be deliberated in detail with the fertility specialist so that there is no nervousness of the unknown. Learn from your doctor which constituent of self-care would contribute to the highest success rate and what all factors contribute to its failure

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