Positive acronyms of some negatively associated words

18 days ago
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• positive outlook
• positivity
• positive approach
• positive parenting
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Finding positivity even in the negativity that surrounds you is rare yet most needed quality. Therefore, this perspective of positivity should be embedded in kids by parents. The negative connotation of words like fail, end and more can certainly be changed in the mind of a child just by sharing the positive acronyms with them.

  • Even if you Fail then too don't give up after all it was your 'First Attempt In Learning'.
  • End doesn't mean the end of the world above all, look at the effort you did because 'Effort Never Dies'.
  • If someone said No then don't feel bad as it gives you the reason to work even harder for the 'Next Opportunity'. 

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See, how these words are holding a great level of optimism in them that can immediately change the meaning we associate with these words. Parents can always educate their kids about these meanings from their childhood to develop a viewpoint of seeing positivity even in the negativity.

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