Personal Hygiene To Be Followed By Kids During The Pandemic

~Kajori Biswas
14 days ago
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 Source: The Times of India

Children tend to have a habit of grabbing any and everything. During this pandemic as we are getting used to the new normal of cleanliness, it is important to make the kids learn them too.

•    Take a shower- teach that bathing not only makes us feel refreshed but also helps in getting rid of bacteria.
•    Don't touch your face- this is a little difficult to practice as everyone subconsciously tends to touch their face but explain to them that hands have invisible germs that may get transferred on the face if touched.
•    Wearing a face mask- this might feel irritating to the kids but teach them its necessity. If you let them choose their creative masks, they will wear it willingly.

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•    Avoid sneezing or coughing on hands- if they use hands to cough or sneeze, ask them to wash hands immediately. It is better to use tissue or handkerchief and ask them not to share a used one.
•    Washing hands- make this a habit to wash hands for 20 seconds after playing, before and after eating, as well as after using the washroom and coming back from outdoors. 

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