How parents can manage fights between Siblings

Pratham Suwal
22 days ago
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Parents can manage fights between Siblings

Source: Times of India

The Siblings keep fighting the whole day. They behave like enemies, yelling, shouting, pushing each other. They don’t even like playing with each other. The parent does know about the fighting of siblings but at times parents believe it’s a little too much.

When it comes to siblings, the word ‘fighting’ is synonymous with it. At this age, children are still learning to control their emotions, so strong disagreements and fights aren’t unusual. But when a disagreement starts turning into a fight, parents need to break it up before someone gets hurt.

As children are yet not aware of emotions and are still learning how to react to their emotions, it can be hard for them to step away without adult help. For better understanding try to identify the cause of the fighting, this helps you work out the best thing to do and what should be done to avoid it in the future. 

But if children are very aggressive or nasty towards each other a lot of the time and aren't just throwing some siblings tantrums, then it’s time to seek help. This kind of fighting can be very distressing for children's mental health and can lead to future problems with relationships. So if parents are concerned about how their children will behave when they disagree, it’s best to speak to a professional.

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