Parent’s Language of Love: Responding and Reacting

Jaladhi Sonagara
2 months ago
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Parent’s Language of Love

Source: Indian Express

Communication may be a very important side of any relationship and also the quality of relationships is unknowingly wedged by the standard of communication. A parent-child relationship is one of all the foremost precious relationships and healthy communication between oldsters and youngsters is then imperative. completely different organic process periods among kids need other ways of communication; but, what has to be consistent is that it's supported respect and care.

When it involves respecting within the context of youngsters, the rhetoric has been designed solely around ‘giving respect’ to adults, there's very little speech communication regarding the responsibility of elders to respect kids. we tend to expect kids to be polite, courteous, obedient, and respectful. 

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Below are some tips to form communication along with your kids healthier to confirm that they successively communicate absolutely and effectively within the larger world:

  • Give your full attention to your kid
  • Be a lot of colloquial and avoid a tutorial tone
  • Be patient listeners
  • Look for cues to search out a deeper affiliation
  • Use the 3 magic words
  • Know once to be calm
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • When showing emotion or physically exhausted, avoid human activity
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