Parenting without being a dictator to your child

Tanmay Tandon
11 days ago
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Parenting without being a dictator to your child

Source: Khaleej Times

"Sit, stand, eat, sleep, stop, be nice, be kind, don’t run, don’t scream, don’t, don’t, don’t…”
You get the picture. Our children can barely breathe without us breathing down their backs. They can hardly make a decision without us screaming our opinions at them, forcing them to comply because we need to be in control.
They say what we want them to say: “Say sorry. Say thank you. Say hello. Say goodbye.”
They eat what we want them to eat: “You have to eat your veggies. You have to eat what is on your plate.”
They do what we make them do: “You must play a sport; You must swim; You must have a hobby; You must…”
And if they rebel, if they show us some sign of individuality, we label them ‘bad’, ‘difficult’ and withdraw our love. We turn our backs on them.
Just because our children are smaller than us and are dependent on us doesn’t give us the right to control them. They are human beings; small, yes; but human beings who deserve respect. 

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