Migration Certificate not necessary for 2021 NEET UG Admissions

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 months ago
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Migration Certificate not necessary for 2021 NEET UG Admissions

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has announced that the migration certificate is no longer ‘mandatory’ for the NEET UG Admissions 2021. In a circular issued by the MCC, it is mentioned that the Migration Certificate is a ‘desirable’ document, but definitely not ‘mandatory’ for successfully seeking 2021 NEET-UG Admissions.

As per the notification published on the official MCC site, colleges can no longer deny admissions to candidates that do not possess a migration certificate. However, it is necessary on the candidate’s part to sign an undertaking that states that he/she will submit their migration certificate to the college administration within a period of 7 days. 

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The students that do not possess a migration certificate will only be admitted on a provisional basis until they successfully produce the migration certificate. 

Source: The Indian Express

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