List of Important Circulars Released By CBSE In 2019

6 months ago
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CBSE issued a number of notifications throughout 2019. Here's a quick flashback to various circulars released by CBSE.

  1.  CBSE changes the paper pattern

This year students of Class X will get 20% objective questions and 10% questions would be based on creative thinking, by 2023 question papers for classes X and XII will be based on creative, innovative and critical thinking

  1. CBSE's teacher training initiatives

The board organized a various training session for its teachers through its training centres and in collaboration with IIM’s and IIT’s to organize professional development programmes for its principals and teachers.

  1. CBSE observed Fitness Week in November as part of Fit India Movement

 An attempt to promote fitness among school children, CBSE observed Fitness Week in the second and third week of November as a part of Fit India Movement. The objective of the initiative was to bring about a change in the behaviour of children from spending "Passive Screen Time" to "Active Field Time".

  1.  CBSE asked schools to collect fees as per revised norms

The board notified the changes in the fees last week and has asked the schools who had already begun the registration process and charged students as per the old fee structure, to now collect the difference in the amount

Revised Fee:

  • The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students-  Rs 1,200 for five subjects, which is a hike of 24 times form the previous fee.

  • General category students who were paying Rs 750 earlier, will now pay Rs 1,500 for five subjects.

  • SC and ST students who were earlier not supposed to pay any extra fee for an additional subject will now have to pay Rs 300 and general category who paid Rs300 will now have to pay Rs 150.  

  1.  CBSE asks all schools to introduce anger-free zone for teachers, parents.

"In the anger-free zone, everyone will try to manage his or her anger, whether it is the school educators, parents, school personnel or other stakeholders. The best way to teach children the value of 'freedom from anger' is by setting examples ourselves," CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said in a communication sent to schools.