Understanding the Importance of School in Child Development

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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Importance of School in Child Development


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School is the most important milestone in every person’s life. It plays a vital role in a child’s personality development. Children of today are the future of tomorrow. A school promotes the interests of children and empowers them with opportunities to become successful individuals. 


People should understand that good schooling is the secret towards positive growth rather than a means of graduating and acquiring material achievements in life.


Education fosters a positive chain of thinking and improves cognitive skills, and is the most important requirement of citizens after food, clothing, and shelter in today’s dynamic environment.


Schools help a person to develop their academics so that they can be transformed into productive members of our society. Schools also prepare students to become better humans by connecting them with individuals of diverse backgrounds, values, and feelings.


A good school helps one understand and appreciate other peoples’ ideas and traditions. It guarantees a better and brighter future for children. It offers knowledge to create their own life, as well as to support those around them.

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