Importance of Experiential Learning in Education

Pratham Suwal
2 months ago
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Importance of Experiential Learning in Education


Experiential learning is an engaging learning process where students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on their experiences. The purpose of such education is to promote the holistic development of young learners i.e. prepare them for the challenges of the real world; encourage them to learn about themselves; and develop socially, emotionally, and physically healthy individuals.


This will help in developing well-rounded individuals that possess critical 21st-century capacities in various fields, including arts, sciences, humanities, rigorous specialization, social sciences, professional, technical, and vocational. 


While most conventional schools in India are yet to adopt pedagogical practices conducive to holistic growth on a wide scale, its significance has become patently clear in the wake of the pandemic. As schools closed, children and adolescents found themselves grappling with online classes, familial and financial challenges, and isolation from peers and friends.


As students witnessed the greatest global crisis in decades, they have been experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression following the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing lockdown. It is precisely these life obstacles and challenges that holistic learning prepares students to tackle and overcome. 


Mount Olympus School has already made progress in the right direction with its pioneering initiatives aimed at the holistic growth of students. Therefore, If you are looking for a school that bestows its students knowledge and skills through experiential learning, then Mount Olympus is the right school for you and your child.


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